Thursday, November 08, 2007



Well I just received the following message from one of the press reps in London:

"Invites you to attend the Press Screening & Press Conference on MONDAY 26th NOVEMBER - Press screening at 11.45am for 12.00pm start, Followed by lunch. Followed by a Press Conference with:

DUSTIN HOFFMAN and ZACH MILLS(pic right)I can't believe I am booked up on that day or I'd have definitely flown down to see my buddy Zach. I've not seen Zach since I met up with him and his mother Kerry in March of 2005 in rain-soaked Santa Monica. Honestly it was like a typhoon had hit Southern California.

Anyway that was around the time his career exploded! Since then, he's been on 'Ghost Whisperer', 'Num3rs', 'Scrubs' as mini Zach, and worked along side the likes of Adrian Brody, Ben Affleck, Tim Allen and Sir Dustin. Well he's not a "Sir", but from what I hear, he should be. A real gentleman and a scholar!


Well, drag, my forums are down just now - so zillions of dumpees around the globe will be most unamused. When the try to log on to SYBD they get this:

"Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later."

There is no sign of it being back up again, as I have to rely on Ross who has an actual JOB and therefore can't help me!


This just hammers home my frustration I feel about everything these days. It irks me to have to rely on people, it really does. It's one of my bug bears, I guess. I feelf frustrated and angry - mostly at myself because I can't sort the problems myself.

If it's not needing help for computery stuff, it's car issues, flat pack issues, or even needing help for making a movie...(in terms of money, camera work, expertise, etc.)

These days, I am in my most-feisty spirits and feel like shouting "piss off" to everyone. Trying to shake the view that people are unreliable. They're so "busy". They've got their own problems, so don't have time to help other people with theirs.

I feel like all I do most days is help everyone else with their stuff...and it'd be awfully nice to have someone help me with mine!!

So, naturally feeling so anti-social, I am just hiding away in my shell and getting my head down and getting on with it. Better off alone when feeling this way, eh? I am sure this too shall pass...


(That looks like something to do with the iPod but not that NANO.) NANOWRIMO - National Novel Writing Month - which has been "NANO" for years...

It's DAY 8 and more than 13,000 words have been written which is pretty good, mee thinks. I'm ahead of schedule, I believe too...Poor Josie though, is proving as unlucky in love as I have been. Well they do say, "write about what you know" and I have to admit it was easier writing her more like me and the way I think than trying to be the opposite of me which was how she started off. :)

But be certain she'll get her happy ending! Not entirely sure what that will be yet but I have 21 days to work that out :)

Speaking of which I'd better get back to it...


Oh and as for the SYBD deal - I should be in possession of a draft development deal with a certain major record label...this evening!! Yes really. (I will of course believe it when I see it.)

It's taken MONTHS to get to this point and it's been challenging to continually "keep the faith" (or "keep positive" as my dad often reminds me)...but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel...Let's hope it's not another train!

So watch this space kids...

Once I sign on the dotted line, that will be one hurdle over, time enough to sigh a huge sigh of relief before embarking on the stress of actually MAKING the movie!

Fun and games, kids, fun and games.

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