Friday, November 02, 2007


Well it’s Friday. I am not entirely sure where the time’s going but it’s ripping by.


I’ve been juggling credit card debt so it’s on a 0% card. I’ve got less than a grand’s worth of debt, I am not embarrassed to admit, but I’ve been so lazy I’ve been paying interest on the debt for the past few months. I kept meaning to get a new 0% card but when I logged into one of my cards – it said I could take advantage of a 0% balance transfer until next June. By then it will be paid off. Well it’d better be or the rate goes hiking up to more than 17%. Chancers.

I need to pay council tax. I usually just walk to the local newsagents and pay with my yellow card but to be honest, I can’t quite remember last time I did it. I’m surprised they’ve not sent me one of those nasty “FINAL DEMAND” letters by now. They do that you know. They’ll send you a first reminder then the jump to a FINAL DEMAND. I guess it can’t be that much over-due or they’d have sent at least the first one out so it’s all good.


Last night my buddy Luke (aka LUCAS HARE) mailed me to say he’s going to be in a BBC TV Show called “Learners” which airs a week on Sunday (11th) 9:00pm - 10:20pm BBC1. The Radio Times has this: “Comedy drama about a terrible driver who remains determined to pass her driving test. Nervous, short-tempered and reckless behind the wheel, Beverley terrifies the husband who taught her. Can Chris, the newest instructor at Gear Change Driving School, achieve the seemingly impossible and teach Bev to drive?”

Luke says “I am making a brief appearance as Genial Man In Uniform - a vet this time”. It’s always fun seeing someone you know on TV shows or in movies isn’t it? Luke was in Die Another Day (as I recall), has been on the Bill and Eastenders too. Must make a note in Outlook to watch just now…while I’m thinking of it, before I forget.


Tonight I’m off with an Irish pal of mine to see THE NATIONAL at the ABC. I’m looking forward to it as I’ve been enjoying their latest CD BOXER for the past six months or so.


Well I’ve managed to meet today’s quota for NANOWRIMO and will write a bit more before I head out. 3329 and counting. My poor protagonist, Josie, has just gotten the phone call that ever single girl hates to get – namely her college room mate is getting married and asking her to be bridesmaid. Josie, rather like me, is more than a little unlucky in love. Well, they say “write about what you know”…But don’t worry both Josie and I will get our happy ending…


Today was my first ever class called BODY BALANCE where I learned just how un-balanced I actually am. Ha. There was only five people in the class. They’d all been in it before but as it was my first time – I was a bit pathetic at it. I am sure I’ll be feeling it later. It takes in some moves from Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi so I thought “cool, I can do that” – pah, how wrong was I?

I should stick to the treadmill, the bike and the pool, I reckon.

Actually I want some boxing gloves because I can think of no better way to get rid of my anger and frustration than smacking the bag repeatedly. But my first week at a gym has been awesome…Working up a sweat, cooling off by swimming laps, a ten minute shot in the sauna and off to the showers. Why did it take me so long to do this?

I am a new woman!

Well it’s time to put the dinner in the oven and to get back to my word count. Whilst my book may be rubbish, I have found the experience has been good with opening up the doors of creativity in my mind so it’s not a wasted experience by any mans.

“Do you know I dreamed about you twenty nine years before I saw you” – “Slow Show” – The National.

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