Tuesday, November 13, 2007



Well just fifteen minutes ago the "development deal" I've been waiting weeks for arrived in my inbox. So I can officially say I am "in negotiations" with a "major player". You don't know how happy that makes me. 'Course it's a ways to go yet, but at least that ball is officially "rolling", as it were.

I have to admit, I have a somewhat irrational fear of big ole legal contracts. I lost a best friend over one once, and I swear I've never been the same since.

I also don't like the feeling I'm signing my life away. It freaks me out more than just a little. But in true Susan Jeffers fashion, this time, I vowed to "feel the fear and do it anyway!"


Well, more good news, my fitness regime is going amazingly-well. Quite addictive too. Each day I go I add a minute or two (or a lap or two) to the workout and guess what? Today I added four laps and did 40 which by my meagre calculations is:

2,000 meters = 1.242 miles.

Kati on SYBD says that "32 laps" back in her school days used to be a mile. I swam in high school too, but I don't remember things like that.

I did a little happy dance around the living room when I got home and worked that out. So I think I'm doing rather well getting fit, if I do say so myself.

If only I didn't have a sweet tooth - I'd look like Kate Moss by now. Erm, ok maybe not :)

I decided to book in for a massage and facial on Thursday to reward myself from all this effort. Yay me! :)


Well, I have to get back to my novel...Up to 22,171 words if you're keeping tabs on me! ;)

One of my former (2) Q96 listeners, Kevin, is doing it and the smart arse is about five thousand words ahead of me! The cheeky devil. Wish I was more than half done already! Oh well I'll just keep repeating "I think I can, I think I can" like the little engine who could!

I am not sure why but I have found this second time doing NANOWRIMO much harder. Not sure I'll do it next year unless inspiration strikes ahead of time.

I leave you with a parting positive thought for the day:


...to your enemy is FORGIVENESS
...to an opponent TOLERANCE
...to a freind YOUR HEART
...to a child a GOOD EXAMPLE
...to your father DEFERECE
...to your mother CONDUCT that will make her proud of you
...to yourself RESPECT
...to all men CHARITY


- Swami Sivananda

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