Thursday, November 01, 2007


It's a day for S's...


Well today is day one of NANOWRIMO...National Novel Writing Month. I was walking home from town late last night (against my own better judgment) trying to decide what story to tell. All I knew was the girl was called Josie and she's 27 and never been in love before. She lives in a fictional bay. I've no idea where that bay is - Australia? America? the UK? Somewhere English speaking anyway...

At 9am I began writing. You need to do just over sixteen hundred words a day throughout Nov to reach the target of 50,000 words. I've already surprassed my daily allowance. I am not claiming it's any good at all but that's not the point anyway. You just keep writing and writing and hopefully somewhere some door in your subconscious mind will open.

I honestly have no idea where the words are coming from...but they're coming from somewhere.


Went to see SICKO last night. I was rather impressed with it actually. I don't claim to be a Moore fan, but I thought he did a good job and I certainly will "borrow" some of his styles / techniques for my own film.

A few people walked out which I thought was kinda funny. As it was Halloween, they probably (rather stupidly) thought SICKO was going to be a horror and not a documetary about the US health care service.

Moore made the subject matter quite funny at times as well. Check it out.


I've tenatively booked a camera man I call "Hot Guy Steve" to do some filming with me starting in two weeks time. I got tired of waiting around and so I've decided to get off my own ass and get things done.

Carpe diem eh kids? And why not?


Well I've been bitten by the fishy bug once more. Normally it's something I only do when visiting my dad in California but now that I have a brand, spankin' new GYM membership - I can swim as often as I like. Yippee. I am already swimming more than a quarter of a mile a day (and adding 2 laps each day). I'll be slimmer in no time, damn it!


I am addicted to ROCK OF THE 80s. Bow Wow Wow on now. Was just up and dancing around my living room to "Madness" by Madness twenty minutes ago.

Well I'd better get back to the writing...I want to get a jump start on the daily allotments...

Just as "Lust for Life" comes bouncing through surround sound! How fitting!

Can you believe next month is Christmas? I can't. I still haven't sorted where I am gonna spend it and who with. Too many choices! :) Sunny California? Or nippy Scotland? Tough call...No, really it is. You'd be surprised.

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