Friday, November 30, 2007


Well I can happily report that I have completed my second year of NANOWRIMO. I don't for a second claim the words are at all worth reading but that's not the point of it. I did it as much to prove to myself that I could do it. For a while there I didn't think I was gonna make it, but I did. Now I can turn off the computer and go back to watching TALK TO ME with my dad. And enjoy my last few days of CA.

Let's all hear it for me.

Go Me.

Yay Me!
{{Insert praise here...}}

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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Well, I’ve been a bit remiss about keeping up with the blog of late. This is largely due to the fact that I’ve been in California for a week or so and any spare time writing anything has been spent writing the novel for NaNoWriMo.

This year doing Nano has been much harder than two years ago. I guess because last time I was basing my story much more on my own life and this time each character has shades of me (or people I’ve dated) in them. Plus I didn't have a plan before I started (as ever!)

For those who are following that progress I am down to the final five or six thousand words but I am struggling. Not sure I'll manage to finish it in the next two days. Wish me luck...


California has been unseasonably warm for this time of year. I’ve managed to spend and hour a day at the pool. I won’t say I’ve got a tan but I am certainly less blue than I was when I got here.


I woke up to a text from my wonderful friend Carol Erskine – who informed me that I’ve had press in the UK national newspaper – The METRO. For those not in the UK – the Metro is read by commuters – on trains, tubes and buses. It has a massive circulation so I was very pleased (more or less) by the coverage.


I’ve been merrily reconnecting with people from my past. I love how people always weave in and out of my life at the best of times but this past month's been even more surreal.

This week alone - I’ve met up with people I’d not seen in more than 20 years. How awesome is that?

Both are gorgeous people from my high school.

One my good friend Joni – who graduated with me and another Paul who was a few years younger but lived across the road. I love re-connecting with friends. What an awesome week this has been! Another friend from junior high got in touch a week or two ago as well. Spooky. Comes in threes I guess...


And last night was spent with my best buddy Brian and our friend Dane. I treated the guys to a fantastic meal at PF CHANGS. It was amazing food. We totally pigged out :) - it was an absolute blast!


I've done my usual RETAIL THERAPY thang here - picking up a new digital camera, a spare battery for my MAC, pink boxing gloves, a pilates ball, a pedometer (which I use every day) and today's massive expense was another pair of rather over priced MBTs.

Going to need all that fitness stuff - given how much weight I've put on in just a week of being here!

Must close...Need sleep.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007



Well just fifteen minutes ago the "development deal" I've been waiting weeks for arrived in my inbox. So I can officially say I am "in negotiations" with a "major player". You don't know how happy that makes me. 'Course it's a ways to go yet, but at least that ball is officially "rolling", as it were.

I have to admit, I have a somewhat irrational fear of big ole legal contracts. I lost a best friend over one once, and I swear I've never been the same since.

I also don't like the feeling I'm signing my life away. It freaks me out more than just a little. But in true Susan Jeffers fashion, this time, I vowed to "feel the fear and do it anyway!"


Well, more good news, my fitness regime is going amazingly-well. Quite addictive too. Each day I go I add a minute or two (or a lap or two) to the workout and guess what? Today I added four laps and did 40 which by my meagre calculations is:

2,000 meters = 1.242 miles.

Kati on SYBD says that "32 laps" back in her school days used to be a mile. I swam in high school too, but I don't remember things like that.

I did a little happy dance around the living room when I got home and worked that out. So I think I'm doing rather well getting fit, if I do say so myself.

If only I didn't have a sweet tooth - I'd look like Kate Moss by now. Erm, ok maybe not :)

I decided to book in for a massage and facial on Thursday to reward myself from all this effort. Yay me! :)


Well, I have to get back to my novel...Up to 22,171 words if you're keeping tabs on me! ;)

One of my former (2) Q96 listeners, Kevin, is doing it and the smart arse is about five thousand words ahead of me! The cheeky devil. Wish I was more than half done already! Oh well I'll just keep repeating "I think I can, I think I can" like the little engine who could!

I am not sure why but I have found this second time doing NANOWRIMO much harder. Not sure I'll do it next year unless inspiration strikes ahead of time.

I leave you with a parting positive thought for the day:

THE BEST THING TO GIVE your enemy is FORGIVENESS an opponent TOLERANCE a freind YOUR HEART a child a GOOD EXAMPLE your father DEFERECE your mother CONDUCT that will make her proud of you yourself RESPECT all men CHARITY


- Swami Sivananda

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Thursday, November 08, 2007



Well, he came through on his lunch break to help SYBD back in action. In doing so he's put a wee smile on my face and I've sighed a sigh of relief. Don't like it when the site is down...


But have been busy contacting journalists to sell some SYBD STORIES - by that I mean people from across the UK have stories to tell (about "love rats" generally) and I match the dumpees to the expose them in the magazines and newspapers...Positive Revenge I call it.

Might even sell a recent story of my own...

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Well I just received the following message from one of the press reps in London:

"Invites you to attend the Press Screening & Press Conference on MONDAY 26th NOVEMBER - Press screening at 11.45am for 12.00pm start, Followed by lunch. Followed by a Press Conference with:

DUSTIN HOFFMAN and ZACH MILLS(pic right)I can't believe I am booked up on that day or I'd have definitely flown down to see my buddy Zach. I've not seen Zach since I met up with him and his mother Kerry in March of 2005 in rain-soaked Santa Monica. Honestly it was like a typhoon had hit Southern California.

Anyway that was around the time his career exploded! Since then, he's been on 'Ghost Whisperer', 'Num3rs', 'Scrubs' as mini Zach, and worked along side the likes of Adrian Brody, Ben Affleck, Tim Allen and Sir Dustin. Well he's not a "Sir", but from what I hear, he should be. A real gentleman and a scholar!


Well, drag, my forums are down just now - so zillions of dumpees around the globe will be most unamused. When the try to log on to SYBD they get this:

"Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later."

There is no sign of it being back up again, as I have to rely on Ross who has an actual JOB and therefore can't help me!


This just hammers home my frustration I feel about everything these days. It irks me to have to rely on people, it really does. It's one of my bug bears, I guess. I feelf frustrated and angry - mostly at myself because I can't sort the problems myself.

If it's not needing help for computery stuff, it's car issues, flat pack issues, or even needing help for making a movie...(in terms of money, camera work, expertise, etc.)

These days, I am in my most-feisty spirits and feel like shouting "piss off" to everyone. Trying to shake the view that people are unreliable. They're so "busy". They've got their own problems, so don't have time to help other people with theirs.

I feel like all I do most days is help everyone else with their stuff...and it'd be awfully nice to have someone help me with mine!!

So, naturally feeling so anti-social, I am just hiding away in my shell and getting my head down and getting on with it. Better off alone when feeling this way, eh? I am sure this too shall pass...


(That looks like something to do with the iPod but not that NANO.) NANOWRIMO - National Novel Writing Month - which has been "NANO" for years...

It's DAY 8 and more than 13,000 words have been written which is pretty good, mee thinks. I'm ahead of schedule, I believe too...Poor Josie though, is proving as unlucky in love as I have been. Well they do say, "write about what you know" and I have to admit it was easier writing her more like me and the way I think than trying to be the opposite of me which was how she started off. :)

But be certain she'll get her happy ending! Not entirely sure what that will be yet but I have 21 days to work that out :)

Speaking of which I'd better get back to it...


Oh and as for the SYBD deal - I should be in possession of a draft development deal with a certain major record label...this evening!! Yes really. (I will of course believe it when I see it.)

It's taken MONTHS to get to this point and it's been challenging to continually "keep the faith" (or "keep positive" as my dad often reminds me)...but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel...Let's hope it's not another train!

So watch this space kids...

Once I sign on the dotted line, that will be one hurdle over, time enough to sigh a huge sigh of relief before embarking on the stress of actually MAKING the movie!

Fun and games, kids, fun and games.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007



So I've been thinking I'd quite like to take up some boxing or kick boxing so I've been researching the gloves online. I quite like these. Dad's on the case to see if he can get them from our friend Jerry who runs a sporting goods store in San Jose called Fontanettis. Been a while since I've been to the batting cages there - which is a shame because I love to go there! Maybe next trip home.


'Been a great weekend. 'Had a cool gig at the ABC with my friend Tess who I've not seen in ages. We went for some drinks at a nearby pub after and had some thought-provoking discussions on men, love, sex, and even how rivers keep flowing!

Then, yesterday was spent writing and writing and yes, more writing for NANOWRIMO.

Today was two hours in the gym before a quick dash home and then off to meet the girls at the TRAMWAY theatre for the afternoon so no writing took place until this evening.

See this past week - I swear I feel like a NEW WOMAN which is awesome...particularly as it's the week we changed our clocks and the fact that I chose then to join a gym and take part in novel writing month!! Well, it's a pretty good way to fill my time as the nights draw in so early here.


Just went to log into my HOTMAIL account - (something I don't do all that often) and came across a great article about a married couple who live apart. As weird as it sounds, that's always been my ideal for a marriage. I know when I was married - we fought like cats and dogs...due to living on top of one another (so to speak)!

He'd leave the jam jar sitting on the counter with the top off, and I'd put the toilet paper on backwards. We'd fight. He'd want to play the POLICE all the time and I preferred anyone but! Again, we'd fight. What's that phrase, familiarity breeds contempt? Well that's what my dad always said about it...

Let's face it, it's hard to live together (or at least it can be). Well obviously many folks out there don't find it so - but I generally did. I like my space. I like my remote control. I like to take up the whole bed. I love that all the food in my the fridge is food I like. I love that the mess is all mine! I don't need to pick up after anyone else! I love to live alone - which is good because I've done it for eight years and that doesn't seem likely to change any time soon. I reckon it would take a pretty amazing man to make me want to give up my solo homelife...Better to find a guy like in the article who shares my joy of independent living... ;)


I tried watching the new Showtime series CALIFORNICATION and I just couldn't really get into it. I loved the concept...a guy getting lots of sex and who writes a blog (a man after my own heart) but it was just not quite hitting the mark for me, but then last night they played all the episodes again and I have to say, I am warming to this steamy series. You can tell it's a cable series, not unlike HBO's Sex and the City...due to the sheer raunchiness of it all. Speaking of raunchy, I also find myself a little partial to the SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL too.

That is one job I'd never want...Because let's face it just about EVERY job you do becomes a little bit like, well, a job eventually and I like sex far too much to want to get bored of it! At least she has the benefit of variety in her work though, so I guess that's something :)


Ahem, moving swiftly along...

Well, the annual SYBD XMAS party is in the making for early in December. The venue is still to be confirmed, but I am really looking forward to meeting some more people and filming the event (for the movie) as well. Plus we're going to have a SECRET SANTA and swap presents which will be fun too. There's info about it here - if you're a benefactor that is. If not, feel free to make a donation :)

...And speaking of which, I have to say, I've had some lovely donations the past few weeks. I feel very blessed - so much so - that I might just treat myself to those boxing gloves later. Or maybe a RABBIT(LOL) at LOVE HONEY! I'd forgotten I was an affiliate of theirs - which means I need to update some links in time for the holidays...Not sure how many people will be purchasing sex toys for Xmas but it's worth a shot eh?


Hands up who's been watching HEROES season 2? I don't mind it - apart from Hiro's story line which is just crap if you asked me. Not only that, but I had no idea that the orient look so much like the hills of California. Give me a break. Everytime it goes to "Japan" - I cringe. They would have been more effective shooting in the San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden or something. It would seem a whole lot more realistic than wherever they're shooting. It looks like Malibu Canyon or something stupid. Sheesh.


Well since I was driving across America last year - I'd forgotten how noisey October and November can be thanks to that rebel Guy Fawkes. It's most annoying as you're trying to write, or watch a film and all you hear is bang, bang, bang. It's like Beiruit here, man.

Roll on December...


Anyway, as I said earlier, the novel is coming along grand...Well in terms of quantity but not quality. I've already managed to be a day ahead of schedule - which I think is pretty good.

Best of all, I actually feel more creative than I have done in months! I have felt as though I've been stagnating but it's as if the doors of my mind are re-opening.

I have to believe that's the effect of being disciplined and writing each day for NANOWRIMO...considering I have no idea what I am gonna write next. I literally just keep typing...I have no idea where young Miss Josie is going to wind up but you can be she's gonna meet a great guy and have her Hollywood ending.

Least one of us will.

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Friday, November 02, 2007


Well it’s Friday. I am not entirely sure where the time’s going but it’s ripping by.


I’ve been juggling credit card debt so it’s on a 0% card. I’ve got less than a grand’s worth of debt, I am not embarrassed to admit, but I’ve been so lazy I’ve been paying interest on the debt for the past few months. I kept meaning to get a new 0% card but when I logged into one of my cards – it said I could take advantage of a 0% balance transfer until next June. By then it will be paid off. Well it’d better be or the rate goes hiking up to more than 17%. Chancers.

I need to pay council tax. I usually just walk to the local newsagents and pay with my yellow card but to be honest, I can’t quite remember last time I did it. I’m surprised they’ve not sent me one of those nasty “FINAL DEMAND” letters by now. They do that you know. They’ll send you a first reminder then the jump to a FINAL DEMAND. I guess it can’t be that much over-due or they’d have sent at least the first one out so it’s all good.


Last night my buddy Luke (aka LUCAS HARE) mailed me to say he’s going to be in a BBC TV Show called “Learners” which airs a week on Sunday (11th) 9:00pm - 10:20pm BBC1. The Radio Times has this: “Comedy drama about a terrible driver who remains determined to pass her driving test. Nervous, short-tempered and reckless behind the wheel, Beverley terrifies the husband who taught her. Can Chris, the newest instructor at Gear Change Driving School, achieve the seemingly impossible and teach Bev to drive?”

Luke says “I am making a brief appearance as Genial Man In Uniform - a vet this time”. It’s always fun seeing someone you know on TV shows or in movies isn’t it? Luke was in Die Another Day (as I recall), has been on the Bill and Eastenders too. Must make a note in Outlook to watch just now…while I’m thinking of it, before I forget.


Tonight I’m off with an Irish pal of mine to see THE NATIONAL at the ABC. I’m looking forward to it as I’ve been enjoying their latest CD BOXER for the past six months or so.


Well I’ve managed to meet today’s quota for NANOWRIMO and will write a bit more before I head out. 3329 and counting. My poor protagonist, Josie, has just gotten the phone call that ever single girl hates to get – namely her college room mate is getting married and asking her to be bridesmaid. Josie, rather like me, is more than a little unlucky in love. Well, they say “write about what you know”…But don’t worry both Josie and I will get our happy ending…


Today was my first ever class called BODY BALANCE where I learned just how un-balanced I actually am. Ha. There was only five people in the class. They’d all been in it before but as it was my first time – I was a bit pathetic at it. I am sure I’ll be feeling it later. It takes in some moves from Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi so I thought “cool, I can do that” – pah, how wrong was I?

I should stick to the treadmill, the bike and the pool, I reckon.

Actually I want some boxing gloves because I can think of no better way to get rid of my anger and frustration than smacking the bag repeatedly. But my first week at a gym has been awesome…Working up a sweat, cooling off by swimming laps, a ten minute shot in the sauna and off to the showers. Why did it take me so long to do this?

I am a new woman!

Well it’s time to put the dinner in the oven and to get back to my word count. Whilst my book may be rubbish, I have found the experience has been good with opening up the doors of creativity in my mind so it’s not a wasted experience by any mans.

“Do you know I dreamed about you twenty nine years before I saw you” – “Slow Show” – The National.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007


It's a day for S's...


Well today is day one of NANOWRIMO...National Novel Writing Month. I was walking home from town late last night (against my own better judgment) trying to decide what story to tell. All I knew was the girl was called Josie and she's 27 and never been in love before. She lives in a fictional bay. I've no idea where that bay is - Australia? America? the UK? Somewhere English speaking anyway...

At 9am I began writing. You need to do just over sixteen hundred words a day throughout Nov to reach the target of 50,000 words. I've already surprassed my daily allowance. I am not claiming it's any good at all but that's not the point anyway. You just keep writing and writing and hopefully somewhere some door in your subconscious mind will open.

I honestly have no idea where the words are coming from...but they're coming from somewhere.


Went to see SICKO last night. I was rather impressed with it actually. I don't claim to be a Moore fan, but I thought he did a good job and I certainly will "borrow" some of his styles / techniques for my own film.

A few people walked out which I thought was kinda funny. As it was Halloween, they probably (rather stupidly) thought SICKO was going to be a horror and not a documetary about the US health care service.

Moore made the subject matter quite funny at times as well. Check it out.


I've tenatively booked a camera man I call "Hot Guy Steve" to do some filming with me starting in two weeks time. I got tired of waiting around and so I've decided to get off my own ass and get things done.

Carpe diem eh kids? And why not?


Well I've been bitten by the fishy bug once more. Normally it's something I only do when visiting my dad in California but now that I have a brand, spankin' new GYM membership - I can swim as often as I like. Yippee. I am already swimming more than a quarter of a mile a day (and adding 2 laps each day). I'll be slimmer in no time, damn it!


I am addicted to ROCK OF THE 80s. Bow Wow Wow on now. Was just up and dancing around my living room to "Madness" by Madness twenty minutes ago.

Well I'd better get back to the writing...I want to get a jump start on the daily allotments...

Just as "Lust for Life" comes bouncing through surround sound! How fitting!

Can you believe next month is Christmas? I can't. I still haven't sorted where I am gonna spend it and who with. Too many choices! :) Sunny California? Or nippy Scotland? Tough call...No, really it is. You'd be surprised.

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