Monday, October 29, 2007


Good news my friend Jacqui Edenbrow's JOY DIVISION documentary film is getting a plug 'n' review on none other than JONATHAN ROSS tomorrow night. I am so pleased for Jacqui and co. It's a great film, I've seen it already! I'll go again to see it on the big screen though - with cinema surround sound. For a while there, I was over-dosing on the joys of JOY DIVISION. I saw her documentary on DVD, the CONTROL film at the cinema and read the autobiography of Ian's ex wife Debbie. All good. Anyway Jac's film premiered at Toronto this year and is getting rave reviews across the globe. Yay!

Speaking of UNKNOWN PLEASURES - I weathered the cold to see the Somerville kids practicing their GO KART RACING at LARKHALL yesterday. Thankfully it remained dry the whole time I was there and it was fun watching them whiz around the tracks. I tried to sneak a shot on Siobahn's kart but she wasn't having any of it.

Saturday I met up with some former colleagues DAVID HAMMOND and PAUL CARLIN. Sadly BRIAN WOOLFSON was a no show...But the three of us had some fantastic grub and banter at the CATWALK in town. A little rocker joint...not to be confused with the CATHOUSE on the same street. I still really miss Q96 even though it's been dead a year now. I can't imagine a better experience at any other radio station, sadly. Least I still keep in touch with many of my former colleagues and meet up with them regularly. It's not quite the same but better than nothing!

Left the boys to browse at FOPP. Had never been to the top floor (at least no in years) and walked out with FOUR (count them) documentaries...One about ENRON, SUPER SIZE ME, The CORPORATION and INTO THE ARMS OF STRANGERS. When I got home - I actually was searching for HOOP DREAMS.

You see I've found a list of the TOP GROSSING DOCS of all times and I am trying to see every one of them,...well at least the ones that look study them. I eventually found HOOP DREAMS and watched it all Saturday night. Sounds sad but it was a great way to spend the evening - in the cozy comfort of my sofa. The movie also went in a completely different direction that I thought it would. That's nice when that happens.

Well speaking of documentaries - I need to make a start on the pile. The film TOUCHING THE VOID arrived today too. So the pile is ever-expanding. I feel like a student these days. Trying to absorb as much as I possibly can. Nicola's due to lend me a few as well. The more the merrier...

What's the most ironic thing about all of this is - I was never much of documentary films fan...then I hit 39, buy a camera and decide to make one. What the hell is that about? Oh well, sometimes we have to go with the flow...Like, take this morning for instance, when I woke up, got a bee in my bonnet about joining a gym, phoned one up, got a tour booked today and then joined on the spot. No waffling about - I just did it because I was led to do so today. Voila.

It's official, I am on a get-fit-kick. Mostly because I need to lose a few sizes before I even consider being on camera in the film. I am feeling ever-so-tubby at the minute. That aint good.

So on that note, I must dash to watch the CORPORATION.

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