Monday, October 22, 2007



Well I have returned from what was an untimately mixed trip to England.Monday was 420 miles on the road - collapsing at Cambridge Services for the night. Tuesday was 170 miles and included an emotional funeral (is there any other kind?) Wednesday and Thursday were meetings in London - with a variety of uber-talented people all having different ideas of what the SYBD movie should be about. One suggestion was to REMOVE ME from the film and the WEBSITE too. It was an interesting pitch but a completely different film. In all honestly, it makes me want to just go buy a new (better) video camera and go make the film I want to make without worrying about its commercial viability. I've had a lot on my mind this past weekend. On Friday, the return to Scotland was up the A1, to Scotch Corner, and across England's answer to "66" (not quite as 'cool' as its American counterpart). It was a decidedly pretty trip from East to West though, it has to be said. Then up to the Central Belt of Bonnie Scotland. Home at last. 405 miles later!


I played my So You've Been Dumped Anthems mix the whole way home from London to Glasgow. (Yes, it's a big playlist.) It was quite different to flicking the dial all the way down. Was nice to just put on a long playlist and let it roll. I had intended on playing new music from DAVE GAHAN, IDLEWILD, EDWYN COLLINS, KT TUNSTALL and ED HARCOURT but my CD player died as I was warming up my car down at Hannah's. Thank goodness I'd bought a wireless kit for MP3 players at last weekend's Ideal Home Show...or I'd have been stuck with UK radio for the journey.


So a new week begins. After a decidedly chilled out weekend - I feel semi-re-charged and ready to go again. Having received an email from the lovely folks at NANOWRIMO - I have decided to take part again this year. I did it (successfully) a few years ago and managed to write well over the 50,000-word target. Not sure if I'll find it as easy this time, particularly because I have no idea what I am going to write about this year. Oh well, at least I have a week to decide!

I have posted on SYBD that we should all write a short story called So You've Been Dumped and then at the end of it we publish it as a collection of short stories and sell it through the site (and beyond)...I think that's a rather good idea (I am filled with them) but then on the other hand I am tired of break ups - both personally and professionally. I should go write a story about a fuzzy bunny or something.

Then again - they say "write about what you know". So yeah, it will no doubt be about men and women and how bad communication can go awry - causing much pain and friction. Or perhaps how isolating it can feel to live alone in an urban environment. That's certainly something I know a lot about. Loneliness. I suspect I am not the only one....


Just had Karen on the phone from BBC RADIO SCOTLAND. Doing a piece on Thursday morning about Romance on the Railways! I'll be out and about seeing if I can spot any. I do like trains and train stations so it will be fun to be sent on this little excursion! Maybe I'll get lucky? :)


Grant and I are off to see the movie ONCE this afternoon. I've had the soundtrack from it for a whle now - courtesy of my lovely pal Fiona. A modern-day musical about a busker and an immigrant as they write, rehearse and record songs that tell their love story. It stars Glen Hansard from the Irish band the FRAMES. Used to like them and have heard good things about this film. So yeah that's me ending on a positive note, I'd say....

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