Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Welp tomoorrow I am heading out into the field for BBC RADIO SCOTLAND...Looking for romance on the tubes, the trains, and Queen Street Station. This is all in response to a new sculpture being unveiled at St Pancras International. It is called The Meeting Place by Paul Day (as you can see) depicts a couple in a "timeless embrace", the 30ft-high (9m) sculpture "reflects the romance that train travel used to have," Mr Day said. The statue, in part, was also inspired by the film Love Actually. "At the airport scene, you get all the characters together and suddenly the doors open and out come the people that have been away, you get all sorts of meetings and people being reunited. I think that is an interesting slice of life and in a way the relief around the base has to be a rich tapestry about people getting together again after being apart."

So basically it's my job to see if I can spy me any romantic embraces, kisses, hand holding, and the like. Possibly someone with flowers for someone they're meeting??

I have to admit, I am a bit dubious...but I'm hoping my jaded-self will be proven wrong. Maybe I'll be lucky and find a bit of romance whilst out there myself? (Chance would be a fine thing....ha!)

Anyway, tune in tomorrow before 10:30 to find out....

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