Monday, October 08, 2007


I was supposed to go see ANI DIFRANCO last night - but to be honest, my heart just wasn't in it (Sorry Ani).

Instead Ross and I went to the pictures for a change (not). We saw, rather appropriately, the HEARTBREAK KID...which was painful at times and funny at others.

Whilst Ross was driving me home, I commandeered his radio and landed on BILLY SLOAN's show on RADIO CLYDE - just in time to hear him playing PAUL ANKA covering the KILLERS "Mr Brightside". It was one of the strangest covers I've heard in a long time, but he's truly made it his own!

Now most of you reading this won't even know who PAUL ANKA is but the American contingent will, I suppose. His new record features MICHAEL BUBLE and JON BON JOVI too. But pictured here's his classic from 1960... "Puppy Love". I think I was rather weened on PAUL ANKA thanks to my music-loving parents!

Anyway, I am going somwhere with all this, bear with me....

So, oddly enough, today when going through my private messages - I see one from a gal called Cactaceae who writes:

"Dear Thea, I think my favorite break-up song, is "Red Rubber Ball" by the CYRKLE. My first boyfriend introduced it to me by jukebox right after he broke up with me (20 years ago) and we ran into each other at the same tavern during a pool tournament. I find the song to be uplifting (though, at the time, it was a spit in the face) and it's even cooler to be able to watch them sing it. I know PAUL SIMON wrote it, but I haven't heard his version. Hope you like it...

It was a Billboard # 2 hit before I was born, and I can't say I ever remeember hearing it, but I like it. And so it was just rather weird to see PAUL ANKA attached to the video here. This Paul is a legend and he's everywhere! He wrote "My Way" (of Sinatra fame) and even covers Nirvana. Bizarre but true.

Anyway, below is the video that Cact was talking about RED RUBBER BALL by the CYRKLE. I kinda like it. What do you think? Should we get someone to cover it for the SYBD film or what?

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