Saturday, October 06, 2007


Well when a week begins with the death of a maternal figure and ends on your own mother's birthday (had she lived) it's bound to be a tough week. I've been a yo-yo all week. Oscillating between moments of bliss and bawling. Last night I opted to take a run and less than halfway through it I've come down on my ankle wrong and it took 20 minutes to hobble home. A perfect end to a crappy week!

The funeral's in a week's time. 'Just need to work out how I am going to get to the small village it takes place in. Road trip anyone?


I went to Byres Road yesterday to check / send mail - namely a condolence card and was reminded that there is yet another bloomin' mail strike. If Americans are known for sueing then Brits have to be known for striking. If it's not mail, it's tubes, and it's getting bloody annoying. There has to be a better way for conflict resolve. Surely. Hopefully it will be resolved before the week is up. I guess if not I may as well hand deliver the damn card.


But a new week's begun and out with a friend in Edinburgh tonight - for food and some Canadian music in the form of the COWBOY JUNKIES. Just gonna take a while to hobble there from Waverly. Ha!

Tomorrow night is more live music in the form of ANI DIFRANCO. I cannot wait to hear "Untouchable Face". As far as break-up anthems go - it has to be right up there with ALANIS MORISSETTE's "You Oughta Know". (Speaking of Alanis - check out her version of "My Humps" on her site - bit of a hoot.)


Progress is being made on the SYBD film but it's so slow it's barely visible. More meetings scheduled after the funeral and I pray by the month's end that the right production company will be on board and we can truly get this film/filming off the ground!

Meanwhile I've been having small interviews with all the potential candidates who have agreed to be filmed. They're literally all over the globe - which is awesome because it hopefully means I get to travel to see them! How cool is that? Brazil, here I come!


Also researching new cameras so I can continue filming. I've been practicing lately on some friends - just to get better at camera work. Hard to believe how far it's all come since the last day of Q96 - just over a year ago. Still mourning that loss, but the busier I am, the better I am...Good thing too as things are about to get hectic.


The only good thing I can really say about the past week is that the weather, for the most part, was rather glorious. A true Indian Summer. Of course today it's returned to its usual dreary dullness...which somewhat matches my mood. But at least as I look out the window here - I can see the Fall colors kicking in...Trees outside are lovely greens, oranges, yellows and browns. It's taking me back to last year when I was cruising through New Engalnd. (This shot on Cape Cod, in fact). I can't believe a year has passed.


Well the holidays are just around the corner and I am trying to work out, now, where and who I am spending them with. I priced flights to California for Thanksgiving and Virgin came up as a top deal (that's unheard of by the way). Was sorely tempted to just grab that baby and go. But the filming schedule needs sorted before I can consider any leisurely trips home...

...Besides my pal Tracy messaged me from Austin this morning saying she's due to fly to Ireland for work and wants to pop over to Bonnie Scotland. I'd hate to miss her if she did that. So a little too much to think about to be impulsive right now.

That said one of my English site members is due in San Francisco for a few weeks and it might be kind of fun to film her there - and show her around at the same time. Awww "decisions, decisions" as my dad would say.

Well it's nearly lunchtime and I've got work to do, a shower to have and more tea to drink and as I am hobbling around - everything is taking ten times longer. At least this entry is more positive than the last. Hopefully by the next one - I'll be back to my chirpy self with some good news to report on So You've Been Dumped - the movie. Watch this space, kids.

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