Friday, September 21, 2007



Well it was suggested, in a meeting with one of my London colleagues, that I put Google Analytics on SYBD and start getting a better understanding of where my hits are coming from and about their viewing habits.

So taking his advice, I did, and I watched it eagerly for the first few days. Then, I thought it'd be more fun to leave it for a while to see how the stats changed.

Well, it's been less than a month (but close to it anyway) and so I checked today and I found out some interesting things.

First that SYBD has had:

13,830 visits, from 108 countries/territories and across in 2,031 cities.(Not bad for a website that's never sent out a single press release...dontcha think?)


So breaking it down further let's look at the countries we reach...First of all, not a ton of surprises there, as I'd always considered UK, North America and Oz to comprise my biggest audience and by and large it does.

United States (6,630). United Kingdom (3,776), Canada (1,151) Australia (655). Ireland (275). New Zealand (122) Venezuela (119), Philippines (117) India (84)

So yeah USA and UK are my top two. Venezuela was a bit of a surprise as was the Phillipines...

Breaking it down further again by cities was interesting (even due to the fact that there a few cities on the top 40 cities that I've never heard of!)


The top cities by visit are: London, New York, Sydney, Sheffield, Dublin, Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, Birmingham, Manchester, Mississauga, Melbourne, Caracas, Thames Ditton, Houston, Toronto, Montreal, Cambridge, Brentford, Atlanta,...and several hundred more!

Interesting stuff. Am a bit surprised Glasgow wasn't higher on the list. (It came in at number 76 incidentally.) But half the fun is that a mere mention on the radio, or in the press in general will have a totally different city rise up the list.

It's been fun looking at these stats and how they have coincided with the people who have offered to come forward to be in my film.


The film, all being well, should take me across the UK (this side of Christmas) then early next year over to North America. Then, possibly to South America and Australia too (if enough people come forward to warrant the journey).

Though everything is moving at painfully-slow speeds (for my liking), a little bit of progress is being made each week! We're inching ever closer to picking our production team (which is awesome!), funding is in place (at least verbally), and I sit here like a race car driver at the starting block all revved up and ready for that light to turn green!


In addition to the film project, I am now in the process of incorporating. Whoah I feel like a business student, I really do. It's been a crash course in life experience since July - each day I am learning something new. It's overwhelming but ultimately exciting and rewarding. It's so great that my baby of seven years is now turning into an (UN)Limited Company. I say "unlimited" because it's so many great things - the site, the film, the soundtracks,...the world is next! When it comes to my baby, I just don't think in terms of limits.

The sky's the limit!!

...Or as I used to hear Casey Kasem say each week, "keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars".

Well time to get on the bike and pedal my way around the West End...

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