Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Sunday I arrived at Luton and was picked up by my lovely, long-time friend and confidante Hannah. We made our way through the mild Sunday traffic to her village north of London where we picked up the rest of the family and went to a lovely meal in a place called Newgate Street (ironically that's the name of the area in Hertfordshire and not a simple road). The Coach and Horses does a mean Sunday roast, so it was a leisurely way to arrive here before a bunch of meetings.

Upon arriving down here I hear about the three-day tube strike which screws up a fair bit of my tentative plans.


On Monday Hannah and I made our way to EMI for a 2 PM meeting. Due to the eminent chaos, which shouldn't really kick in until nearer 6 PM, but of course throughout the afternoon they were slowly tapering off services - so by the time our meeting was finished, the tube was packed, warm, sweaty and as bad as riding them at peak times - even though it was only three (or half three).

The meeting between Hannah and Stefan was a good one. They are easily the two busiest people I know (and the loveliest) so thankfully they got on well, (I think). Upon leaving the meeting and making our way back to Barons Court, Hannah jokes of leaving the Bar (in the legal sense of the word) in order to be my manager. Chance, my friends, would be a fine thing.

Tuesday morning I worry how I am gonna make it back to EMI for another meeting, again at 2PM, but as luck would have it - Han's friend Sean was going that way and actually, came here, picked me up and drove me right to Brook Green. Oh how I love it when the Universe provides. (All that worrying the night before had been utterly unnecessary, as usual).

When we got to Brook Green, I accompanied Sean to the Olympia where an "Alternative Fashion Trade Show" was taking place. Sean is in the biz. While entering the Olympia - I turned to my newfound friend and said "you know what I love about my life?" He shook his head, and I answered "that no two days are ever the same". I mean when I got up in the morning I had no idea how I'd get to EMI and miraculously this guy was going there and took me along. Not only that, he smuggled me into the trade show for free. it was quite an experience. The people walking around were all in similar attire to him (black naturally). I was wearing black too, but somehow I was a whole lot less "funky" than these people - not that I cared much. I actually found it kind of comical over all. That said, I did admire some of the odd 'skinny jeans' and creeper shoes.


I was looking forward to this afternoon's meeting because I'd been in touch with Jacqui a few times since BritDoc where she'd seen my pitch. Jac has just finished what I suspect will be an amazing Joy Division documentary which I can't wait to see. She brought along Ed and Tom and the five of us piled into an EMI office to discuss the way forward for the SYBD film...or rather how Jac saw it going. It's so interesting to be meeting all these people to see their vision and hear their thoughts.

Everyone I've met (since BritDoc) has been wonderful, talented and creative. Honestly, I've liked them all. I wish I could choose them all to work on it, but that's just not going to happen. Eventually the hard decision of picking my SYBD Documentary Dream Team is going to be upon us. (Us being Stef and I). These are exciting times indeed.


After the meeting, four of us piled into Tom's rollerskate of a car. It's thee smallest car I've ever been in - ever! Environmentally-friendly the car is electric. It can't go over 35 MPH nor can it do more than thirty-five miles before it needs to be charged again (which takes six hours). I think that's particularly hilarious. That means you can't even drive it from Glasgow to Edinburgh. But on the plus side, you pay no congestion charge in London and it's FREE to park everywhere - not to mention it's so easy as it's so tiny. So it could be worth it.


As we zipped past Holland Park, Hyde Park, toward Camden, we blasted the new Athlete CD, Beyond the Neighbourhood, which Stef gave to all of us as parting gifts of today's meeting. Stef and I had blasted his advance copy it on the way to BritDoc in July and it was great to finally get a copy of it. The song "Second Hand Stores" will always remind me of my Oxford-bound journey with Stefan in July - but also, today, I've created a new memory for it...namely zipping through London like the modern day equivalent of Clowns crammed into a VW BUG. Oh the looks and smiles we got. We laughed the whole way across town. What a great ride. I filmed the experience but before I knew it I was being dropped back off in Finsbury Park and heading north once more.


This tube strike has really screwed up plans to meet people this trip. Of the half-dozen of people I'd hoped we'd be meeting - we've only managed one. I have a sneaking suspicion I'll be back down again soon to complete the process. But for the next trip I'll have to wait to see what the result of this 72-hour strike is...I think there's another strike planned for next week.

Well Stef has rung to say we're meeting Jess Search - BritDoc's lovely founder - for breakfast. I am looking forward to that, but it's going to be an early morning for me (much to my chagrin).

If time permits, I may manage some time with the lovely Teddy Leifer where I can catch up on the latest of his fabulous WE ARE TOGETHER film and I can congratulate him in person for winning the Audience Award at Edinburgh last week. That's all I've managed out of this trip, I guess.

Och well, better than a slap around the face with a wet fish, I guess.

Guess I better get some shut eye so I am full of pep, vim and vigor tomorrow morning.

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