Wednesday, August 29, 2007



So, I had a ball (as ever) on FRED MACAULAY'S show yesterday morning. The topic was “pathetic excuses people use to break up”. And believe me I've seen a few of them in my time...but I actually laughed to the point of tears during the show. I love it when that happens! You can never laugh too much, in my opinion...

Do you know what I love about my life? That no two days are the same. For instance, today I had arranged to meet up with fellow radio presenter TONY CURRIE who does the overnights on BBC Radio Scotland and has an Internet radio station of his own called RADIO 6 - not to be confused with BBC 6 MUSIC...The Beeb's fantastic UK internet/DAB station.

As we sat at the top of Pacific Quay (PQ as its called by its staff) enjoying the gorgeous sunshine, we were joined by ABEER MCINTYRE - who is one of the presenters on the company's news programme Reporting Scotland. I had no idea who she was but 1) she was a lovely and personable woman from Northern Ireland and 2) she seemed vaguely familiar.

Along with ABEER was the lovely JAMES MACPHERSON (pic below) - who I chatted periodically and happily for the entire time - again not having a clue - that he was the one-time star of TAGGART!

In fact, at one point, I turned to him said, "Oh you were in Taggart, how fun, what did you play?" Ha ha. Well what can I say, he was "less blond" than I remember. I do have to say he is a lovely and chatty lunchtime companion. When teased by the table for swapping email addresses with another woman with us, he merely replied, "No, no we're both happily married with children, so it's not like that". Ironically they just seem to discover that they happen to live in the same area of Glasgow. Ahh bless. Nice guy, that.

I mentioned to him that I'd done a brief stint as a trailer-maker at STV back in the early 90s - when I used to have to make up promos for TAGGART -- so really, I guess I should have recognised him...Och well, he was good-natured and any time I didn't understand what they were talking about (which seemed to happen a lot), I kept shrugging and saying "well I am from California" as if that was excuse enough to be so ignorant. :)

After lunch, Tony and I left Pacific Quay and wandered across the Millennium Bridge where I admitted to having a "first kiss" with a lovely gentleman, some years ago, in the moonlight. Fond memories.

We stopped for a spell at the Crowne Hotel where Tony's on a first name basis wit the bar staff. Actually Tony knows everyone and everyone knows Tony. He's just one of those guys. A true veteran.

Around three, I leave Tony back at Pacific Quay and run into my good friend JOANNE DAVY in the car park - who was just leaving her continuity shift at the BBC and who kindly gave me a run back home.

I guess it must be the fact that I know so many people in that building now that I feel right at home whenever I go. Now, if only Boss Man Jeff would give me a job there. I knock on his cyber door every month or so just to remind him I'm here, but as of yet, no joy...Maybe when I win the OSCAR he'll consider giving me a nice little slot on Radio Scotland??

Incidentally, I've already started to write my OSCAR speech...And why not? Just because I haven't filmed the actual movie yet...As they say "begin with the end in mind". That's what I'm doing folks!


Last night, when I should have been meeting the girlz - I opted to sit and catalog my DVDs and watch THE WAY WE WERE. I bought the DVD at Glasgow Airport on one of my recent flights down south (I can't seem to go to GA without spending money in Impulse records!) So I finally got to sit and watch this romantic, classic film. I am sure I must have seen it when I was younger, my mother was the biggest Barbara Streisand fan, but honestly I remembered none of it. It's been referred to in so many other TV shows (Sex and the City for example) and in other films. So it was great to finally see it as an adult.

Of course, there's always a bit of a down side to watching classic romantic films - or any romantic films for that matter - as they leave us girls longing for a Hollywood ending.

Sometimes I feel like I am still waiting for my LLOYD DOBLER moment...nearly twenty years later...If not Lloyd Dobler, then certainly JAKE RYAN. I mean really guys, is it too much for you to stand out in the rain with a boombox over your head to win us or win us back? Where is all the chivalry and romance these days? Sheesh.

Speaking of CUSACK films, this morning was the press show for his new flick 1408 - but I was too scared to go! I do love John, but not enough to make me want to see that film. Yeah, I know, I'm a wimp. I'll just sit here and watch my SERENDIPITY, SAY ANYTHING and SURE THING DVDs instead. :)


I am currently working on the next instalment in my series of breaking up articles, and this one is called “what my ex could have done better”. I have had a thread on the site for many years now and it’s more than 20 pages long (on actual paper) so I need to find the best, most-universal, responses for the article, so it’s taking longer than I’d hoped…But by the end of next week, it'll be posted here...


Did you hear NOKIA is setting up a rival site to iTunes? I can't imagine it will make much of a dent to ole APPLE but ya never know I guess. I am still inputting CDs - currently on NIRVANA and there are more than sixteen thousand tracks in there so far. I am sure there are a lot of people out there who've got more (many who obtained them illegally, no doubt) but mine are predominantly from my actual CDs. I've still got boxes and boxes to go through as well.

Well that's enough rather mindless chatter for another day, I think. Gotta get packing for yet another trip to London...It's all starting to get most-exciting. This trip we'll be meeting with prospective producers of my very own So You've Been Dumped film! Yes kids, we're taking it up a notch.

I just need to get through Glasgow Airport without buying even more DVDs. What's up with that?

Anyway always remember "every day above ground is a good day..."

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