Monday, July 30, 2007


Do you ever get the feeling that you're on the verge of something big? Like taking that big step into the great unknown? I really am starting to believe that adage of life beginning at 40 - and it's building momentum as it does...

My producer is off to France tomorrow for a week. My Lawyer (and good friend) just text me from Disneyland Paris. She's gone for three! Everyone's leaving me, damn it!

I totally wish I was jetting off to somewhere lovely for a week. I know, I know I just came back from somewhere semi-lovely, but I actually am very inclined to pick up a cheap week's holiday in the sun where I do nothing but read Harry Potter (still only halfway done) and listen to toonz. But August seems like it would be too hot and too crowded so perhaps not. Will wait until the kids go back to school, I think! :) Less likely to run into all those annoying "happy families" (and you know who you are!) ;)

Maybe I should just hop in the car and find a wee cottage up the west coast of Scotland? That might be good...

If all else fails, I am booked to go to London for more meetings in less than two weeks - so that's something...It's exciting times indeed, kids!

Truth be told, the bottom line on all this is "we are weighing up all our options". That's a fantastic position to be in. It's not one I've ever been in before. It's so incredible - if a little disconcerting.

Thankfully my "dream team" is being built and they're not there just as friends, and as business advisors, but also as protectors. We don't always know who to trust in life do we? Let's face it, I've certainly made some questionable choices in my life with that regard...but at some point we do have to open up and trust people - even if it means the risk of getting hurt. Right? Right.

There's a very good chance I am off to America to re-shoot (in High Def) before they year's end. I'll be interviewing some I've already interviewed and some newcomers as well. I am very excited.

Well, here's hoping it all comes off. I guess I shouldn't count my chickens before they're hatched. Murphy's Law and all that...

I do always tend to work on the mantra - "prepare for the worst and hope for the best". It's my motto in life and in love and now business too. It has served me well. I don't really think of myself as a pessimist but rather a realist.

I've sent a zillion emails today and about 10% have been returned. Is today a holiday or something? Particularly it feels like all the Americans are out of the office...I guess Hollywood and New York shut down for August or something and maybe they just decided to leave a few days early?

Whatever, "it's all good". Things are certainly going in the right direction at any rate. The So You've Been Dumped project (franchise?) is getting bigger and bigger by the a snowball down the mountain side.

I finally feel poised to be an "over night success" after a mere seven-plus-years of slugging my guts out! Hooorah!

At least my life is never boring. Sometimes a tad lonely, but never ever boring!

It's kinda of weird because I keep getting this Wayne & Garth feeling washing over me of "we're not worthy, we're not worthy" - when all these really famous, talented, successful people contact me and say they want to work with me on this project.

It's brilliant but overwhelming.

God, it's good to be alive!

Peace out.

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