Monday, July 16, 2007

F**K ME, I'm 40!

Well it’s been one heck of a ride this past weekend. Friday was a stressful day, with deadlines and party planning making me amped on Adrenalin. I survived and got my ‘copy’ in for the BritDoc Festival by 3pm. By 4pm Smitty and I were on the train to Edinburgh for a gig at Edinburgh Castle. We browsed around the shops – ducking into stores to avoid the rain. Had a lovely cup of tea in a Sunflower Café just off the Royal Mile, picked up the tickets from 'Will Call' and went for a yummy meal in a pub in the Grassmarket, Maggie Dicksons. The great music that was playing, nearly-masked the noisiest Hen Night party ever. Oh well we enjoyed ourselves, that's the main thing...Plus we were dry!

We picked up some cheap water-slicker-ponchos from a shop near the Castle, but still held hope that the rain would ease off in time for ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN, but to no avail. So we snuggled up in our ponchos in the bleachers and waited for BLONDIE to come on. Both acts sounded good it was only the weather that really put a dampener on the proceedings. Highlight for Echo's set "Nothing Lasts Forever".

We left early so I could be back home at midnight when the bells tolled for my 40th birthday. We had a private celebration before falling fast asleep.

The morning was for waffles and celebrating by opening the various cards and gifts that had by-passed the postal strike and arrived. (More on that later)

The party went well. Smitty reckons there were “forty or fifty” people there. I think he’s being overly optimistic. I’d have said closer to “thirty” but then I never counted. I was too busy circulating the whole night long and running back to the DJ box to mix my fave 80s tracks. I forgot how much I miss DJ-ing...Speaking of which...

Surprise guest of the night was my former Q96 boss – Ciaran O’Toole. I’d not seen Ciaran since Q closed its doors on the last day in September so that was a real treat. I’ve asked why he’s not hired me on Rock Radio and he has said “a number of people have asked that”. Quite right. I mean who better to present say an American Rock show than me?

By the time the party got rolling – it was a fantastic mix of musicians, knitters, professionals, creatives, and yes even dumpees (who of course are more than that title but for the sake of variety I use it) all mixing together beautifully. There were a few ‘no shows’ which was disappointing but the people who were ‘meant to be there’ were. So it’s all good...

After half ten we were booted from the downstairs at the Admiral Bar so they could make way for the club that started at 11pm. By that point I was too exhausted to consider moving back downstairs...

Instead a group of us drank until midnight in the main bar before Smitty and I whisked off for some five-star treatment at the local hotel. By then though, my voice was starting to go and I was ready to collapse from exhaustion.

Now it’s Monday – my voice has totally gone, I feel rough but that must mean it was a great weekend. I thank all of you who came, all the emails, texts and private messages…

Looking around my flat I see the dozens of cards I received (my best year yet, see it pays to have a party!) The presents are all in pile on my living room floor – waiting for me to write the various “thank you” notes and messages!

Hannah got me the biggest gift – a Digital Picture frame. So excited to see how that works. Someone else kindly got me a 25-pound pamper session, but honestly I have no idea who it came from. I will need to investigate that today…

I am playing the ELLIOT SMITH CD that Geoff Martyn got me. It’s brilliant. (G is pictured far right next to the lovely Vivien Scotson...)

There are more presents en route from Australia and America so that will extend the celebrations even longer.

Now that that is well and truly over I can move on to the next order of business – the BritDoc Festival. I am doing a pitch for a six-figure sum to complete the SYBD film. A chunk of that money would allow me to travel the globe to meet and interview even more of the wonderful site members.

So wish me luck...

Meanwhile I think it’s time I head back under the duvet.

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