Monday, July 23, 2007



Who the devil says 'size doesn't matter'? Ha, well I can tell you, it does!...Especially when you're talking a 22" and wide, baby! Yowza. I am, of course, talking monitors kids, (get your mind out of the gutter). The new puppy arrived this morning and what can I say? It's quite a jump from 15" regular to 22" wide - I have to tell you. Wasn't sure it was gonna fit. (*smirk*) but fit it does. It's lovvvveeeely! Yes, it's a bit sad that I am excited so much by yet-another-gadget. :)


Well, it will be radio silence for me for a while...Three days to the Big Day...Man am I scared! But the good news is that of all of us who made it down to the final, (lucky) 13 (out of 130!) - we're all in the same boat. Ok, I suspect some of them will have PITCHED before, but not too many people on this planet thrive on standing in front of more than four hundred (potential) people to talk! I know I sure don't. That's why I picked radio for a career for goodness sake!


Speaking of radio...Well the birthday week lives on. More gifts arrived today from Seattle Carol and Santa Rosa DJ David Page. David is one of my favourite people on the planet - and by far my favorite professor (radio of course). He and his lovely wife Diane sent me a CD - no doubt from my "Wish List" on! (Must update that now, huh?). And Carol's was yet another legendary CD mix. She's one of the few people on the planet that can make as good of mixes as I can (she says every-so-modestly! LOL).

So hooray for new music! They were a couple of nice surprises - especially after a downer week last week! So thanks peeps. Between those gifts, my voice starting to come back and the sun shining --- I am getting back to my smiling self!


While I have you here, could I possibly trouble you to watch the SYBD movie trailer? Even if you've already seen it, please view it again, for me? It would be super if by the time I am standing in front of the stage on Thursday - we'd had more than a thousand views...So please do what you can to spread the word to all you know...Help the SYBD cause. Blog it. Forward the URL on in emails. Carrier pigeon, I don't care how...


Hands up, who went and got the book this weekend? I nearly went out at midnight on Friday, but actually left it until 9am Saturday. LOL. And I got it for a "fiver" too - which made me pleased as punch. 'Phoned my (gorgeous) producer last night (who was also feeling sick...) and he was a hundred pages ahead of me! Drat! It will take me all week to read it, (because I am the slowest reader on the planet), but read it I will! A gal my sister works with took Monday and Tuesday off to read it. Now that's dedication! LOL. (It's good, but I am not sure it's that good. Oh well any excuse for a day off of work right? Good stuff.)


Well, I best be getting back to the packing and I've a few more "thank you" cards to send. I still have no idea who gave me the voucher for pampering for my birthday so if you know, please tell me. It's a "Sweet Little Mysery" for now though... :)

PS: If you have an account on YouTube please rate the trailer with many stars and give us some + feedback, won'tcha?

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