Wednesday, July 25, 2007



Well I found out I can get wi/fi in the Keble College Cafe - hooray.


I went to see AJ SCHNACK'S KURT COBAIN - ABOUT A SON film today here at BritDoc. It was beautifully shot, boasted a great soundtrack and was unlike any documentary film I'd ever seen. It was basically all told in Kurt's own voice - through audio interviews with Michael Azerad - who wrote COME AS YOU ARE THE STORY OF NIRVANA. You don't actually see Kurt in the film at all - so any expectation of that will leave you disappointed but if you can watch it and be drawn into the the movement of the story as it unravels, you'll truly enjoy it. I am not at all saying this because the Director (and Editor) of the film, AJ, is sitting right next to me, honest... :) It's the only movie I have managed to see in the whirlwind two days here so far.

Boy, have I met an amazing, articulate, intelligent, creative, funny and interesting bunch of people already (the festival only started about eight or nine hours ago! I was down early for pitch training.) So it's safe to say, we're off to an auspicious start...

This morning my own Exec Producer (EP) was on a panel along with people from Discovery Films (the theatrical arm of the Discovery Channel), and A&E's film division and the guy who did the hugest-ever UK documentary - TOUCHING THE VOID, John (someone or other, can't remember his last name)...Best of all my (gorgeous) EP managed to get a good plug for my project in....Which he assured me he did on a later panel as well. So the So You've Been Dumped movie buzz is starting to grow!

Damn it, I've just noticed HELVETICA is on at the Phoenix where I just saw the Cobain film and it's a good 10 or 15 minute walk. Guess I'll not be making that one. And I've just missed In the SHADOW OF THE MOON which I really wanted to see. D'oh.

I guess that's a sign I should be working on my pitch before tonight's massive BANQUET. The banquet halls here are like a scene out of Harry Potter. It's sooo amazing here. It's incredibly exciting and of course a little intimidating. My room is overlooking this glorious courtyard where I can watch all the comings and goings of the delegates.


As for my pitch, it is taking place tomorrow afternoon. It's seven minutes long. I am the only one here from North of the Border (to pitch that is) and the only one in the room who's a "first-time-filmmaker". God, I hope they go easy on me. I feel incredibly blessed to be here, but I am a little in awe of it all, if I am being truthful. A real fish riding a bike type situation...

Let me thank those of you who have bothered to send me your well wishes by text and email. It's been much appreciated. (And for those of you who haven't, well you suck....what can I say?) :)

Oh well Carpe Diem, eh?


Sitting around the pitch training table yesterday and hearing what my fellow pitches have made already - was a bit disconcerting. Like Simon, for instance, who made EVERY GOOD MARRIAGE BEGINS WITH TEARS. Ironically I had wanted to see when it came to the GFT this year but never made it. Last night, I had a lovely, intimate, (even romantic) meal with a BAFTA nominee Jamie Jay Johnson - who was a most lovely companion - witty and quirky (the way I like my men)....Jamie was BAFTA-nominated for his film HOLIDAY AROUND MY BEDROOM which I am not most-curious to see. Arriving late, he'd missed my practice pitch and therefor forced me to do it over dinner. He loved it and what transpired was a very deep and meaningful conversation about casual sex, relationships, break-ups and modern society. Brilliant!

Earlier today I had a lovely chat with a gentleman called Mark Craig who did an amazing sounding documentary all with his own answering messages over like 20 years. How cool is that? It's called TALK TO ME.


Well, I've just had my ass kicked yet again by Lucy who's running the pitching forum and I've been told to re-work it and so I must go do so now. Thank God that by this time tomorrow it will all be over....(well the pitch anyway)...Then it's time for punk karaoke! Yes, really.

Until next time, it's CYA from Thea, in Oxford :)

PS - Ignore typos and bad spelling. Bit rushed...xx

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