Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Celebrate your Independence!


Well being the sexually-active-single-woman that I am, I started off my day (much too early) doing something I've been putting off for far too long...I went and got an MOT at the sexual health clinic.

A number of my male friends have been doing the same thing, and I kept putting it off, but today I thought, "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway". It seemed the right day to do it and besides I don't think we can ever be too careful - especially as people can be proven very untrustworthy, they can lie and they can cheat - so it's down to us to be responsible. Right? Right.

But my how times have changed since the last time I had it done (back in 2004)...They text you the results now. Trippy or what? Hope it comes back clean or there will be hell to pay...


Once I was done with that ordeal I went to my favourite west end spot, the library (slight sarcasm) and worked until the roar of my tummy made it impossible to concentrate anymore. I'm on a deadline, you see, as my gorgeous, rather-successful would-be-business-partner is due up on Friday and I want to show him the fruits of my labor!


I got a really, long, sweet message from an SYBD member today in which she reminded me of my worth. Don't we all need that sometimes? To hear that someone, anyone believes in us? Here's one of the final paragraphs.

"You have done something marvelous with this site. You have earned your points in heaven, but it is not the last marvelous thing you will do. You have so much to offer that goes beyond SYBD. Never doubt that. You are a positive force in the universe, and that is a rare thing. Someone willing to turn their personal pain into compassion for others is truly among the bravest of souls."

She's eloquent eh? Ok, I admit it, I burst into tears when I got to that part of the message, but then I am a bit fragile every July and this one's been especially challenging...


The sky is clear(ish) and I feel like walking to town to see SHREK or THE FLYING SCOTSMAN but then I have a nasty huge blister on my right foot and I am not sure a mile or two walk would be particularly helpful on that score.


So what should I do to celebrate my independence for the night? Whatever I do, it won't be the same as being home - where I'd be with friends, at a pool party or a BBQ or the like. I'd no doubt see fireworks somewhere but not tonight, not here. The only hope I have is a thunderstorm with some lightning...and looking out my window that's looking increasingly unlikely.


I need a massage. Anyone want to buy me one on the 14th? I've got a severe pain in my neck. I feel like I've slept wrong for a week. It's agony.


My pal Stephen has just informed me that the THRILLS are playing tomorrow night. I had no idea. I am so out of the loop this year. At least I have some great gigs to look forward to - SMOKEY ROBINSON and BLONDIE (with Echo and the Bunnymen on support!!)


As it's HARRY POTTER season - I am revisiting the past few books - to gear up for the coming movie and film. Honestly I don't remember any thing that's happened in any of the books. Memory like a sieve me....

Unless it's someone who's hurt me...

Then I'm rather like an elephant.

Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans. I am with you in spirit...

Celebrate your independence one and all...

PS: Speaking of which - I just came across a new film that looks awesome and opens in NYC today. It's a documentary by and for women of the world called FLYING Confessions of a Free Woman. The trailer is awesome and can be found below. Check out the profile on MySpace or at least find more info about the film. I can't wait to see it.

FLYING: Confessions of a Free Woman Trailer

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