Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Life really is stranger than fiction...We just had an email from a woman who's good friends with a guy in Hollywood whose agency looks after some of the biggest names in Entertainment. Certainly "household names" the world over, and this guy is "interested" to speak to me about the project/s. Wholly cow!

On a different note, Teddy (pictured with me on the left) wrote last night asking for some support for his WE ARE TOGETHER film. Namely for people to vote for it to be shown in Amsterdam - a brilliant festival there (from what I've heard). It would give more exposure to a film in which ALL PROCEEDS/PROFITS are going straight to this orphanage in Africa. So please take a moment to go HERE and vote. I did and left a comment!

For more info on WE ARE TOGETHER please visit their site. Or their MySpace page. I realise that most of you will not have seen the film yet, but trust me, it's brill! :)

It's so good - I am going to see it again in Edinburgh Aug 24th.

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