Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to SYBD and Me (nearly!)

Well July marks milestones for me and my baby...My baby is 7 years old on July 4, 2007 (Independence Day to my non-American readers)....And as for myself, I've just invited more than eighty of my closest friends, colleagues, site members (and more!) to my 40th birthday party. If even twenty or thirty show up I guess I'll count myself lucky. Right?

The weather in Scotland has been a bit depressing but I suppose if it was beautiful I'd be getting nothing done...and it's not beautiful so I am just getting my head down and getting on with things.

I just love my new editor, Lankashire John. We work well together and have managed a rough cut of the new trailer. There is a long way to go, but we're off to a brilliant start so I am delighted!

When not working on video footage, I'm working on the Little Book of Breaking Up (aka "It's not me, it's you"). It's finally taking shape and making sense (some years later). I've set myself the target of completion July 14th. My birthday.

I walked into town to bank a big, fat, smokin' check (cheque for my UK readers) courtesy of a recent - remortgage I just did on my lovely abode - and I couldn't resist a little RETAIL THERAPY. I had simply gone in to bank the check, pay some council tax and treat myself to the RAY LAMONTAGNE CD (Till The Sun Turns Black) and whilst in HMV ,I found a little iPod round stereo dealie and I coudln't resist. It will be perfect for the bedroom, me thinks. I mean I want a proper one - this is just a little wee one, but it will serve my purpose, indeed.

So that put me in a bit of a GOOD MOOD and the mood got even better when I got home and had 1) some RSVPS for my par-tay and 2) an email from a LOVELY MAN G - who has put me on the guestlist for both DEVO on Sunday -- and more importantly SMOKEY ROBINSON. Smokey is one of my fave all time singers. He may very well be the best gig I've ever seen - on my 21st birthday. I already know who I am gonna take and we're both so incredibly STOKED (to use some random 70s slang for you).

So yah, life is good. I'm a lucky gal indeed. I am feeling healthy, wealthy, and happy at this moment. What more can I ask for???

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