Friday, May 11, 2007

Another week come and gone...

It’s been a busy week but time for an update…


Had a four-hour meeting with a BAFTA-winning filmmaker about the So You’ve Been Dumped Film on Tuesday morning. 'Am rather hoping said person will join my small team to help realise the dream of making this quaint, feature film.

At the very least, the conversations have been ‘food for thought’ and cause for introspection which, in the right dose, is no bad thing.

With each conversation I have – I learn a bit more, again that can only be viewed as a good thing.


I have just re-done the trailer for the film. It’s tighter than its predecessor, but my skills are still lacking and the software doesn’t have all the functionality I’d like. C’est la vie, n’est ce pas? I've been getting a lot of feedback on the trailer (nearly all of it positive)


There have been some great updates on the site – people getting married, having babies, travelling, getting new cars, getting new jobs, and simply getting over it. Everybody moves on, eventually…and even I will have to move on from SYBD at some point over the next year or two. I am starting to feel like I’ve done my time and constantly dredging up my past hasn’t always been the best thing for me (and my recovery). Oh sure, I’ve gotten over the gentlemen who “inspired” the site, to be sure, but on the other hand it’s made me a bit jaded, a bit cynical and more than a little untrusting. That’s not such a good or healthy thing now is it?

So by 2010 the site will be gone – or I will be gone from it. The end is in sight.


My lovely, young, buddy Paul, (a one-time fellow radio presenter on Q96) has just landed himself a breakfast show in sunny Spain. I am so proud of the cheeky wee devil. Have already invited myself over there once he gets settled in. Hopefully will meet up with the boys before everyone heads off in different directions this weekend. Was such a blast seeing them all last month. Man, I miss the gang…

I ran into a fellow yank from 3c (Glasgow Country Music station; another RIP in order there). And like me, not only is he an American based in Glasgow, but he’s making a documentary film too! Spooky!

*Showed my rough SYBD movie trailer and he was laughing all the way through it,...which would be fine if mine was meant to be a comedy!

And today I discovered a station in Oregon – KINK FM and it’s a triple A station that has been playing just the sort of stuff I’ve wanted to hear. I’ve listened all day and I just love it. (Counting Crows – Long December). It blows all the Scottish (and UK for that matter) commercial stations out of the water. I really have gone off UK radio now. Particularly the bland, overly playlisted commercial stations. On thing that is not so-good about KINK is they’ve already played U2 like three times today. Though they are my favourite band (over my whole life span, but not so much to listen to today) I could do without hearing them so often.

I suggested that 'A' listen to the station too and he thought the gal on through-the-night, Donna, sounded like me. My vocal doppelganger. I wrote into Donna to compliment her and she even gave me a shout out. To be honest, I was surprised that it wasn’t a voice-tracked show. That seems to be the way boring-Scotland is going. Cheapskates.

Oh and one final note of radio chatter – I was on TALK 107 on Tuesday – the Wild Women show hosted weekdays by Liz Clark. That was fun. Well, after all I am a wild woman... 'Perhaps be on there again in the near future - watch this space,...I'd pitched a talk show to TALK 107 and heard nothing.


Sunday night’s Boudica Ball at Oran Mor was a big blast. All the women performers put on good shows – my only complaint was that there were maybe too many women on the bill, but maybe that’s just because I am getting old or something. It certainly was value for money! When I get some time I will edit the footage and stick it up somewhere…

And this Sunday I see another Scottish Songstress - Miss VIVIEN SCOTSON - who was twice featured on Q'd In when I presented it. I've yet to see Miss V live so I am looking forward to her performance at the Oran Mor. Check out Vivien's song "No Strings" on her MySpace player. It's a beautiful song about a casual affair and I just love it. Fits me to a tee right now...I can't stop playing it over and over and over...('just racked up six or seven plays for you Viv!) ;)

It feels good to be getting out to gigs once more. It's been a dry spell.

Speaking of gigs at Oran Mor, it was good to see Tony Currie (of BBC Scotland and 6 International) after many years. We briefly discussed airing the So You’ve Been Dumped radio program on his internet radio station. A one-hour radio show which is in the final stages of production (what that means is I am waiting to add music to it – then we’re all set to go “live” with it). Watch this space....

I guess that's all folks...

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Fun Little Slide Show,

Well I am often talking about how much I miss my job on Q96 - just look at a few of these pics and you'll see why. Oh so many hotties :) Ha ha....Oh well, I will always have the memories of so many amazing guests on my shows and to the studios. I will have to dig out the other half...enjoy!

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May Day, May Day

High Time for an update isn't it?

Well I have finally just heard from Producer man Stef who's just returned from the Tribeca Film Festival - where IndieWire reports this:

"Days after its North American premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, Paul Taylor's documentary "We Are Together" (Thina Simunye) has been acquired in a UK distribution deal with EMI that includes a theatrical, DVD and soundtrack release. The new film about the Children of Agape choir from South Africa, has stirred Tribeca festival audiences, as indieWIRE reported earlier today, drawing musicians Bono and Alicia Keys to a recent fest screening and party. A Rise Films production in association with The Channel 4 British Documentary Foundation and HBO Documentary Films, "We Are Together"'s deal was brokered by Annie Roney of ro*co films international and Teddy Leifer of Rise Films with Stefan Demetriou representing EMI Music UK. "'We Are Together' (Thina Simunye) is not only a powerful, important and uplifting film, but it also reminds us of the significance of music in all our lives," said Demetriou in a statement. "We are extremely proud to be involved with this film. Everytime the film screens in a theatre, the atmosphere is incredible. The premiere at Tribeca on Thursday evening was particularly special, and we knew then we had to be a part of this wonderful film." [Eugene Hernandez

Stef assures me he "talked a lot about the So You've Been Dumped film too" so I guess I'll just have to trust him on that score.

Meanwhile back in Sunny Glasgow I've been easily led astray by an actual full-fledged documentary film maker called David. Time that should have been spent working on my film has actually been spent wandering through the parks of Glasgow, soaking up some sun, sitting in the local coffee shop or watching movies - shame on me.

Oh well all work and no play would make Miss Thea a very boring girl, right?

As I was walking back from seeing This is England at the cinema last night - the phone rang and it was John Dingwall asking if I fancied seeing Paolo Nutini at the Carling Academy - to which of course I did. So off we went to that. Let me tell you it was his best show I've seen thus far (have seen him a number of times to date). He has some stellar break-up anthems - like "Rewind" and "Last Request". Course you can't help bopping along to "Jenny Don't Be Hasty" and "These Streets". So that was a great night out.

Last Saturday night - I went out with two SYBD site members - both the same age and name, both Scottish, both with two grown children, both pissed as farts by the end of the night. They were a riot and, I think it has been decided, kindred spirits too. Nice to see SYBD bringing people together rather than just dealing with having been broken apart! The two women treated me to an amazing meal at the Living Room. I felt totally blessed.

A week ago, I had a reunion with my wonderful, amazing colleagues from Q96 - David Hammond, Brian (Woolfy) Woolfson, Paul Carlin, Paul McLoone and Carole Erskine and I all got together at ALL BAR ONE, and then the LIVING ROOM, and finally some random place in the MERCHANT CITY. We had the best time but it didn't half make me miss them more and my job too. I am still mourning that loss, I tell ya.

I don't know why, but for some reason I've just become busier than I've been in the last four months. I guess it must have something to do with Spring or something. It feels great to be out and meeting new people and having FUN! It's the way life should be...not sat here in front of a PC.

Has anyone been watching Heroes out there? I swear I am addicted. I get that from my dad...a big H fan. Last night was a cracker of an eposide. It just keeps getting better and better!

Well I've a DVD to post to Stef and better get going so I can make the last post for today...

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