Wednesday, March 28, 2007

SYBD - the Movie and other Springy Chat


Yes, it's Spring and I've noticed that people are soooo flakey of late. Don't you hate when you send someone an email and they don't reply for ages??? I am still waiting on a reply from one guy I wrote back in January. Puh. Another guy I wrote three times more recently and never had a reply to any of them. I text somoene else on Saturday night (it was three SMS long and about business!) and as of yet "no reply at all"...Puh.

Heck, I even pitched a radio show to another chap and never even got an acknowledgement.

"People are busy" is what I keep hearing, yeah, yeah, I get that. But how long does it take to say "hey I got your message, very busy, will reply soon" in an text or an email?

Why are more people not like me, damn it....I've taken to phoning people and catching up when stuck in traffic (with a headset of course, one must be safe) or walking to the tube or whatever. I just don't buy it when people play the "busy card" - I'm sorry. People are flakes - if you're one, just admit it...

Besides, people find the time to do what they want to do...Hmmm, maybe it's just me and I should just "take a hint"? Ha! :)



To be fair (because I am being just a tad hypocritical right now and I admit that)...I was going through my inbox on Monday and came across an email from a company from ONE YEAR AGO that I'd not replied to (whoops!).

They wanted to do a partnership with me for their wonderful products, and I was so wrapped up in my radio shows, then wrapped up with losing my beloved radio show, then driving across America, so, yeah, I took a whole year to reply to the just a tad hypocritical, I guess. My bad.

Anyway, I can now announce that my lovely SOYOUVEBEENDUMPED.COM has a wonderful partnership with LOVEHONEY.COM. So go and treat yourself to some sex toys,lingerie or whatever strikes your fancy. I love their site. See a few things on there I wouldn't mind, myself! But enough about that...


Yesterday I did BBC RADIO SCOTLAND'S MacAulay & Co show which I always love doing. They were talking about the area in Manhattan known as Little Britain. I am all for it as long as it isn't just "Little England" - there are in fact more countries than just England that make up Britain you know? (I asked my best friend in SF what the countries were that comprised of Great Britain and he couldn't answer that...I bet more than half the American population couldn't, sadly...)

Anyway I was live in the studio and they had one of the campaign's founders Nicky Perry of Tea and Sympathy - on the phone at 5:30am from New York. Bless her. Anyway it was a fun topic and I love doing Fred's show. It was the first time I've done it since he took part on Comic Relief. I actually picked up the phone and did my part to keep ole Fred in the Academy!And it's back into BBC Queen Margaret Drive to do another piece tomorrow.

Well it keeps me outa the pool hall, as my dad would say...(pool as in billiards, incidentally).

Speaking of dear ole dad, the next tape I am editing is our trip to Vega$ baby in Decemeber. We had a ball. My dad once played cards with Frank Sinatra you know....he's one, hip dude, my dad. I can't believe he's three-quarter's of a century this May.


After doing Fred's show in the morning, I played hooky all day. I was out at Jo's house in the Clyde River Valley. It's an amazing four-hundred-year-old (massive) cottage on some nice grassy land. The view was of rolling hills with sheeps grazing. We had lunch at Lanark Loch - a place I never even knew existed and I loved it. Before I headed back up the road, I said I'd housesit any time and then left feeling a tad pea-green-with-envy....

Stupidly I forgot my camera and spent the day kicking myself. Next time, for sure!

Well enough of my waffle, it's back to the editing now.

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