Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Spring is in the Air

Well I've started to notice tiny changes in Glasgow this week. Glimmers of spring. Isn't that a great feeling? Don't most of us feel better when the sun is out?

I've started to run again. I can't run far - because my knees are a bit buggered - but it feels great to be out and about.

My new hard drive arrived yesterday. Hoorah. It's 500GB and I've filled 100 gig of it already. Yes, I've been *that* busy editing the SYBD film.

Well when I say "editing" - I actually mean putting together "rough cuts" - because while I am quite the control freak about my own projects (just ask some of my former friends and colleagues!) - I do know my limits. At this present time, I can't forseeably edit a full-length documentary film to a good enough standard....But what I did do tonight was go for a walk (well I'd earned after a day of editing). I left the house at five and walked until six. I took the camera and filmed all over the southside of Glasgow. I put together a little 'Ode to Glasgow' with the Go Betweens as the sound track to the mini movie ("Streets of Your Town"). I am quite chuffed with it, too.

I'd made one a week or two ago and my dad claims I should be making music videos for the bands I know...He reckons they're "better than ones on MTV" - now two disclaimers do need to be added here 1) my dad is almost 75 and doesn't watch MTV and 2) he's my dad. Nuff said?

Still there might just be hope for me yet.

So that's this weeks update. It's all about trolling through 30+ hours of video footage in hopes we get a film out of it.

Watch this space...

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