Wednesday, March 28, 2007

SYBD - the Movie and other Springy Chat


Yes, it's Spring and I've noticed that people are soooo flakey of late. Don't you hate when you send someone an email and they don't reply for ages??? I am still waiting on a reply from one guy I wrote back in January. Puh. Another guy I wrote three times more recently and never had a reply to any of them. I text somoene else on Saturday night (it was three SMS long and about business!) and as of yet "no reply at all"...Puh.

Heck, I even pitched a radio show to another chap and never even got an acknowledgement.

"People are busy" is what I keep hearing, yeah, yeah, I get that. But how long does it take to say "hey I got your message, very busy, will reply soon" in an text or an email?

Why are more people not like me, damn it....I've taken to phoning people and catching up when stuck in traffic (with a headset of course, one must be safe) or walking to the tube or whatever. I just don't buy it when people play the "busy card" - I'm sorry. People are flakes - if you're one, just admit it...

Besides, people find the time to do what they want to do...Hmmm, maybe it's just me and I should just "take a hint"? Ha! :)



To be fair (because I am being just a tad hypocritical right now and I admit that)...I was going through my inbox on Monday and came across an email from a company from ONE YEAR AGO that I'd not replied to (whoops!).

They wanted to do a partnership with me for their wonderful products, and I was so wrapped up in my radio shows, then wrapped up with losing my beloved radio show, then driving across America, so, yeah, I took a whole year to reply to the just a tad hypocritical, I guess. My bad.

Anyway, I can now announce that my lovely SOYOUVEBEENDUMPED.COM has a wonderful partnership with LOVEHONEY.COM. So go and treat yourself to some sex toys,lingerie or whatever strikes your fancy. I love their site. See a few things on there I wouldn't mind, myself! But enough about that...


Yesterday I did BBC RADIO SCOTLAND'S MacAulay & Co show which I always love doing. They were talking about the area in Manhattan known as Little Britain. I am all for it as long as it isn't just "Little England" - there are in fact more countries than just England that make up Britain you know? (I asked my best friend in SF what the countries were that comprised of Great Britain and he couldn't answer that...I bet more than half the American population couldn't, sadly...)

Anyway I was live in the studio and they had one of the campaign's founders Nicky Perry of Tea and Sympathy - on the phone at 5:30am from New York. Bless her. Anyway it was a fun topic and I love doing Fred's show. It was the first time I've done it since he took part on Comic Relief. I actually picked up the phone and did my part to keep ole Fred in the Academy!And it's back into BBC Queen Margaret Drive to do another piece tomorrow.

Well it keeps me outa the pool hall, as my dad would say...(pool as in billiards, incidentally).

Speaking of dear ole dad, the next tape I am editing is our trip to Vega$ baby in Decemeber. We had a ball. My dad once played cards with Frank Sinatra you know....he's one, hip dude, my dad. I can't believe he's three-quarter's of a century this May.


After doing Fred's show in the morning, I played hooky all day. I was out at Jo's house in the Clyde River Valley. It's an amazing four-hundred-year-old (massive) cottage on some nice grassy land. The view was of rolling hills with sheeps grazing. We had lunch at Lanark Loch - a place I never even knew existed and I loved it. Before I headed back up the road, I said I'd housesit any time and then left feeling a tad pea-green-with-envy....

Stupidly I forgot my camera and spent the day kicking myself. Next time, for sure!

Well enough of my waffle, it's back to the editing now.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just Like the Son

Well I just logged onto my MySpace page and a cute road sign (logo) caught my eye.

As my own logo is a road sign, I liked this one for "Just Like the Son". It's a movie currently being highlighted on the Space. It looks great. Nicely shot. Won some awards...

Meanwhile, I've rather started to have my own panic attacks about SYBD - the movie. I will admit to writing a slightly insecure email to the film's producer, Stefan, yesterday. Not sure if I have some random "abandonment" issues (having lost friends at critical times in the past) or if it's just the "fear of the unknown". I don't know what I am doing here in this documentary relm - but I am attempting to ignore that pesky obstacle and heading forward just the same.

Stefan did his best to alleviate my worries, (for the moment anyway). I hate being that needy, self-doubting chick, so I just have to squash her when she rears her ugly head and simply "keep on keeping on".

Yesterday I revisted footage from what I call "the longest day" (Cue: Matchbox Twenty's "Long Day"). That was the day I drove from San Antonio Texas to Las Cruces New Mexico. It was a day when I didn't even think I'd make it to El Paso. (Total Est. Distance: 552.2 Miles). No I have to say I actually drove half an hour from Jen's to horse back ride - so that has to be added on to the totals. And I didn't leave until noonish. So I approached the challenge like a marathon runner approaches a run, or Lance Armstrong faces the Tour De France. (Still reading Lance's "Every Second Counts" and loving it)...

I got to El Paso around nine o'clock that day, ate and got back on the road and drove MORE! There was just something in me that said "Thea you need to get the f**k out of Texas" - it was a psychological thing. So that was why I got back in the car at 9:30 and drove onto New Mexico. So I could wake up in a different state.

San Antonio - Las Cruces = Total Est. Distance: 597.3 Miles

Youch....You have to remember I was five weeks on the road, and a whole week in Texas truth to the fact that Texas is the biggest of the lower 48 states.

Anyway so before I'd even left the UK for the road trip, I'd been almost dreading this day...but I not only survived it, I rose to the challenge and went above and beyond my own expectations. It was a great sense of achievement that day...To give you a different idea, for you in the UK, it's like driving from Glasgow to Brussels (or Inverness to Devon) - by yourself...only driving on Highway 10 through Edward's Plateau - there is nothing on the roads at all...apart from the odd, large, road kill...

So yesterday was kinda fun revisiting the horseback riding (Jenn is no Martin Scorcese, she's fully lived up to my billing of "The Blair Witch Meets Break-ups" *shake shake shake* ha ha, to be fair she was holding a 2 month old baby while filming me!), the long drive, the beautiful sunset and so forth.

So for today I'll be vicariously driving from Las Cruces, NM to Tucson and on to Phoenix, AZ (to meet up with best friend Brian)...Oh the fun we had in Phoenix!

I loved San Antonio. In fact I loved Tucson. Both places I'd never actually envisaged ever seeing or wanting to see. Sometimes life can surprise you...

Looking at the footage is making me want to do the trip again. I so long for the open roads, good tunes, a few cameras...but for now, I have to do it from the comfort of my sofa...

Anyway maybe one of these days, I'll get the trailer knocked up for you to view. How's that sound?

Until next time...

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St Paddy's Day - are you wearing green?

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Are you wearing green? When I was young we always had to wear something green because if you didn't, you got pinched. I am not sure where that rule ever came about – none of the Irish folk I've met had a Scooby what I was on about when I said as much. But just in case, I've got a green Dukes of Hazzard shirt on…

Last night around half past five I got a call from BBC Radio Scotland's top dog and all around good guy Jeff Zincinski. He claims he finally has found a producer for my Road Trip documentary (shhhh, I'll believe it when I see it...) :)

I said, "I hope I can put together something good for you" and he affirms I will, but between you and me, I'm a little nervous...This whole "documentary" genre is not in my comfort zone so I am a little plagued by self-doubt. So watch this space and wish me luck. If you pray, pray for me ok? Thanks...

I've sent off 15 movie rough cuts to my (fab) producer Stefan. All being well he'll be reviewing them at this very moment. It's been so cool reviewing the footage and taking the trip all over again. I also sent him 2 CDs of Break Up Anthems - Mars mixes (meaning all guys)...One is a Mellow Mars Mix of more melancholy numbers and the other Rocky Mars Mix of, yes, you guessed it, more upbeat tracks.

The worst part about the SYBD movie is imagining how the footage will look on screen. Truth me told, it's not looking brilliant on my MacBook…so I do fear it won't be good enough quality to be on screen. Time will tell.

While uploading earlier, I watched a THS (True Hollywood Story for you non-E! viewers) on Colin Farrell (well it is St Paddy's Day)…it was so interesting. Seriously, I learned a lot from watching it and I find the guy compelling (not just because he's pretty hot).

I like that he doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks of him. I am a bit like that myself (most days). I manage to piss people off and hurt people all the time. In fact I lost yet another friend this week…but thankfully as I weigh up my friends list, I note I've made good new friends over the past few years who've taken the place of the ones who've chose to leave my life or who have been dumped. The universe is always balanced but deep down, I never like losing friends. I even miss one or two. In fact I miss one friend more than both my long-term exes combined.

So they just had Gerard Butler on E! at the premier in London for the 300. Now I love Gerard. He's one Scot I'd like a date with (well who wouldn't - he's 6+ foot, ripped and hey he's t-total or at least he was). He is my dream guy to be sure but you couldn't pay me to watch that friggin' film. It looks awful. Sorry Ger, I'll pass,..that hot six-pack is not enough to lure me into the cinema. No way jose.

Regina Spector is finally starting to break through into the mainstream. I played her nearly a year ago on Q'd In…Why don't I have a job on radio?

I've been continuing on my quest to compile the best break up anthems. As I climbed into bed (at half two in the morning) I was making an angry chick playlist in my head. You know - Fiona Apple, Alanis, Dido et al.

SYBD projects are truly taking up all my mental capacity at the moment which is good. Better than mind-fecking about what's not-quite-right in my life eh?

Just watching the howling wind and rain out my window. Mental. I love watching that sort of weather from the comfort of my cosy lounge anyway...

Welp I gotta call Tracy...more soon.

Currently reading: "Every Second Counts" by Lance Armstrong

Currently watching: The Daily 10 on E!

Currently uploading: Tape 18 Austin.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Irish Radio Interview & Dumped Anthems!

Here I am poised to do a phoner with Downtown Radio in Northern Ireland. Caroline Fleck is the hostess of this mid-morning show and we'll be talking about weird ways people get dumped, tips on how to get over it, and so forth. I miss being on radio so I guess this is as close as I can get at the moment. Better than nothing eh?

Once I am done, I may go for a run, and then get back to editing which I've been doing for a week straight. I am getting tired of all this editing. My arm is actually getting sore from it! (right elbow) I am only tape 12 (Indiana/Kentucky/Tennessee) not even halfway home. D'oh.

Well, yes, after seven years, I am actually ebbing ever closer to releasing an SYBD Break-Up Anthems compilation (or two). So I've been spooling through thousands of songs trying to find the best dumped cuts. What's yours? Answer in the music forum if you have one (you have to be a member, but it's free to join).

I keep making mixes - break up anthems with a classic rock slant, angry chick slant, angry guy slant, weepy sad songs, etc. Hard to choose just one, isn't it?

Well I better go get in my interview mind. More soon.....

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Spring is in the Air

Well I've started to notice tiny changes in Glasgow this week. Glimmers of spring. Isn't that a great feeling? Don't most of us feel better when the sun is out?

I've started to run again. I can't run far - because my knees are a bit buggered - but it feels great to be out and about.

My new hard drive arrived yesterday. Hoorah. It's 500GB and I've filled 100 gig of it already. Yes, I've been *that* busy editing the SYBD film.

Well when I say "editing" - I actually mean putting together "rough cuts" - because while I am quite the control freak about my own projects (just ask some of my former friends and colleagues!) - I do know my limits. At this present time, I can't forseeably edit a full-length documentary film to a good enough standard....But what I did do tonight was go for a walk (well I'd earned after a day of editing). I left the house at five and walked until six. I took the camera and filmed all over the southside of Glasgow. I put together a little 'Ode to Glasgow' with the Go Betweens as the sound track to the mini movie ("Streets of Your Town"). I am quite chuffed with it, too.

I'd made one a week or two ago and my dad claims I should be making music videos for the bands I know...He reckons they're "better than ones on MTV" - now two disclaimers do need to be added here 1) my dad is almost 75 and doesn't watch MTV and 2) he's my dad. Nuff said?

Still there might just be hope for me yet.

So that's this weeks update. It's all about trolling through 30+ hours of video footage in hopes we get a film out of it.

Watch this space...

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