Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another St. Singleton's Day come and gone!

Well we survived yet another St Singleton's Day, didn't we?

Thanks to the SYBD members who came along for a fun night out on Charing Cross Road. The Montague Pyke was quite the venue wasn't it? Well fine until the football came on. :)

Good also to team up the with the folks from Single Living. Check out the site if you've not already...

London is as fabulous as ever. I've walked miles (we clocked it, it was more than four!!), caught up with friends, met SYBD members and taken loads of photos (as ever).

I also learned much about video editing which will put me in good stead for this massive project I am working on of late.
Hannah and Luke have just watched some of the (rough) footage with me. She just said she enjoyed it and I made her giggle".

Always good to get away and even better to go home which I am doing fairly soon...

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