Wednesday, February 21, 2007

SYBD - the Movie!

Well it's been "all go" since my London trip last week. When down, I first met with Alan the Publisher on Tuesday for a natter about the SYBD story. Then was our SYBD party on St Singleton's night on Wed. And to cap-off a brilliant week, a great meeting with Stefan the DVD man.

Stef (as he is affectionately known to me) has kindly helped make this kooky dream a reality. Not only did he come through with funding to make the movie but now is on board to help produce my first ever So You've Been Dumped movie. So from now on - I thought I'd use this blog to chart the highs and lows of being a budding documentary film maker. Especially because tonight I am on a "high" which is much preferred, to me at least, than the lows. In any event, I suspect it will be kind of a compelling read given that I am making a film and yet I know nothing about film making. No sense letting that stop me from following a dream. Nosireee.

So the reason I am on a high? I had a great day. First I had a brilliant meeting this afternoon with Jeff Z - the head honcho over at BBC RADIO SCOTLAND. Jeff has a fantastic and quirky blog which I thoroughly enjoy perusing from time to time. It may not be to everyone's cup of tea, but it sure is mine. Jeff and I have a good rapport (in my opinon anyway, I can't speak for him!) For a bigwig, I find him pretty approachable, so that's why I contacted him before I did my road trip - to tell him what I was doing and to offer to make a programme for Radio Scotland. Today we met for the first time since my return and he kindly nodded as I babbled extensively about the states I saw, the characters I met and the conclusions I came to. Now all we need to do is put that all into a twenty-six minute documentary radio programme. Watch this space.

After meeting Jeff, Paul and I went out. I'd not seen Paul in about five years I think. He works for ITV in London and has a voice you know but hadn't realised you know it. He was up doing some work at, of all places, BBC SCotland today. So Paul is a gorgeous sweetheart of a guy, and it was wonderful to catch up after all this time. We took a meander down memory lane and it rather helped that he kept saying I was looking good. I have to say, I hadn't been feeling all that "hot" of late, so it musta been the Kilt/Cowboy Boot combo. (Jeff seemed much less impressed by my ensemble)...Anyway it was such a treat to see him, so I came back from Byres Road on a bit of a high.

Finally tonight, after a quick chat with busy man Stefan, I just felt good. The perfect end to a perfect day. Particularly when he uttered the words "I want to produce this film". Knock yourself out dearboy, knock yourself out. And kids, despite my lack of experience in this field of work, we're aiming for the OSCAR. No point in aiming for anything less, is there?

Don't you wish that when you're feeling really good, even great, that you could bottle it? Drink it later on some down day? Maybe it's just me. For the moment though, I am gonna savour the elation I currently feel...ahhhhh, bliss.

So, I have a brand new computer - less than a month old, but it's taken to spontaneously rebooting itself exactly as the last one had done. Bloody computers, they're great when they work eh?

Meanwhile I have nearly eleven thousand songs in ITUNES already. And I am still on the letter "C". Ha ha. Well, that's got little to do with anything, so I shall close for now. On my MySpace page, I do have a request in for people (singers/songwriters) to send in their own, penned, dumped anthems - which may be used in my film So You've Been Dumped - the Movie!

Watch this space kids. Until the next installment, I'm Thea saying see ya.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another St. Singleton's Day come and gone!

Well we survived yet another St Singleton's Day, didn't we?

Thanks to the SYBD members who came along for a fun night out on Charing Cross Road. The Montague Pyke was quite the venue wasn't it? Well fine until the football came on. :)

Good also to team up the with the folks from Single Living. Check out the site if you've not already...

London is as fabulous as ever. I've walked miles (we clocked it, it was more than four!!), caught up with friends, met SYBD members and taken loads of photos (as ever).

I also learned much about video editing which will put me in good stead for this massive project I am working on of late.
Hannah and Luke have just watched some of the (rough) footage with me. She just said she enjoyed it and I made her giggle".

Always good to get away and even better to go home which I am doing fairly soon...

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