Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Past the Point of No Return

Well last night I bought my ticket for NYC. I can't believe this is happening. It's most-exciting. And also scary, daunting and challenging. The flight was 364.00 with tax. I am trying to do 5000 miles in 5000 dollars. The rental car is what's killing me the most right now. They want close to three thousand dollars for a one-way car rental from NYC to CA. And yes, I know you can practically buy a car for that but then I won't feel as secure as I would with a rental car company. So I am just gonna suck it up and get on with my plans.

I would like to do some of this for charity - Cancer Research - but am not sure how to tie it in. Any ideas greatly appreciated. I can't believe the idea is only ten days old. I only have about three weeks to go. So much to sort in that time...

1) the car I am driving
2) the camera equipment I am hopefully borrowing!
3) packign (what the hell will I wear for forty days on the road?)
4) locating more family and friends & track down more former SYBD members
5) researching some of the major cities on my whiste-stop tour

Answers on a postcard to....

Damn, I am so excited. 'Sure beats looking for a "real job". Speaking of which, in anticipation of getting a job when I return, I should put down my old RADIO professor David Wesley Pagee from SSU down as a referee. He just wrote me this this week:- "Send me the name of any man who's not properly recognized your beauty, wit and charm. I'll beat the c**p out of him, asap. DWP"

Brillaint Dave. I'll them you said so...

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