Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cosmo, Radio, Sundance and More!

Shame on me for not keeping the blog updated better. My apologies.

SYBD is as busy as ever. We're forever getting mentioned in places - in fact we're in the new (Sept 2006) issue of the UK edition of COSMOPOLITAN magazine. I must post the PDF of the article for all to see. It's inaccurate (comme toujours) in its quotes of me, but it does mention the URL three times so we'll just forgive the errors. Besides if you look closely at the screen grab of my homepage - you can see my cheeky wee face. You may need binoculars to see it though! Ha, oh well I know it's me and hey that's all that matters. I am a COSMO girl. ;)

Two weeks ago when in London - I contributed to a piece on BBC RADIO SCOTLAND about a museum set up in Croatia. THE BROKEN HEARTS MUSEUM. I've not been able to find the website, but it's been featured in some press pieces if you Google it. The museum is meant to be hitting the road. I wonder if it will come to Scotland after it does its stay in London?

While in London, I met up with Alan my publisher friend (and perhaps one day book publisher), Mike from Single Living and James who is the head of music for Virgin Radio. Such great guys all of them. Had a smashing trip and a much-needed break from Glasgow.

Today I was contacted by a TV company needing a "Break Up Guru" - and hey, who better? Well maybe I haven't written for Sex and the City but I do have more experience at helping people individually then some...(*smirk*).

I've learned not to get too excited about these things until the actually get to the taping stage and even then it's not necessarily a goer. I was asked by a very young woman on the East Coast to contribute to a documentary film in the US called KISS AND BREAK UP. Good title. It's apparently being screened at Sundance this year...So I did the interview in May at my best friend Brian's place in SF and, would you believe, somehow the tapes, when sent to the East Coast, got "lost". So who knows what will happen in that instance. Perhaps another experience of me ending up on the cutting room floor.

I suspect it would be fun to do a Dumped documentary of my own - write it, film it, direct it - all about SYBD and stages of recovery. Have camera, will shoot. (Erm, just need to buy a Camera...)

I was taken off weeknights at Q96 only to be put back on two weeks later. So now I can be heard Sunday to Friday from 10pm.

Well that's enough of an update. Thanks for stopping by.

"Tell ten to tell ten to tell ten" about SYBD :)

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