Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We're in the top 800,000 most visited sites!

Hooray for Feb 15

Well we survived yet another St Singleton's Day now didn't we?

I was sick and so barely noticed it at all. I wasn't much feeling "LOVED UP" when doing my radio show last night (due to said illness), but the music was mighty-fine, if I do say so myself. Some Van the Man, some Bap Kennedy, some Marvin, Smokey, Etta and Reverend Al Green. And I threw in some Jewel, John Mayer and Rachel Yamagata too. "Variety at its best on Q96"!

Amazing Site

I've just checked -- which my Q96 boss, Ciaran, recently showed me.

Last month I was 900-something thousand.

Last week 701 something thousand.

Today: "Traffic Rank for 765,761 (up301,136)" . So clearly it's fluctuating but to be up in the 800k most visited websites, that's pretty good going for someone who's doing it alone eh? I mean, how cool am I? Ha ha. Well, OK, at least my dad thinks so...

If I may blow my own trumpet, I don't think it's too shabby, over all. I mean when I launched SYBD nearly six years ago - I did it with a Field of Dreams mentality. I built it. They came. I've spent less on this site in six years of running it than say Yahoo does in five minutes.

Shame the site doesn't make as much money as Yahoo does in five minutes. I'd probably be rich.

I don't expect the ranking to remain as high as it has been. This historically is my busiest time of year from say mid-December through the dreaded Valentine's Day. They're saying that January is National Break-up Month and that more divorces are filed then than any other time and with my stats to back that, I can sure believe it.

"And Now For Something Completely Different...."

But all that said, six years of heartbreak certainly hasn't really done my heart or my psyche (or love life) much good, so slowly I am moving away from the "aftermath" and "pain" and am now trying to bring people together. The flipside if you will.

As of late last night, I soft-launched a new dotcom called - which is for the lovely 25-45 (give or take) year olds in the west of Scotland - who want to make some new friends, go different places and try new things.

Not sure how the Scots will take to such a venture, a rather shy/modest lot by nature, but there are plenty of us immigrants who should dig the concept. Here'e hoping anyway....

Now if anyone wants to do websales for this site and SYBD - do get in touch. I will pay top dollar in commission.

And in other news...

I've sent my little ole Break Up book to a top dog publisher here in the UK and await feedback. I've got others lined up if needs be. I've also sent it to an illustrator who may be interested in doing the illustrations for the book which if they are the right sort of drawings - I think we could be on to a winner here kids, watch this space...

"Live, laugh, love and be happy." - words from my grammy. She was a sage woman indeed.

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