Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year
Well another year upon us. What will you do this year? Go back to university (or finish it)? Write a novel? Travel the world? Take up a new hobby? Read more? Lose weight? Gain weight? Or simply get over your ex? Ha ha. Well now is the time to channel your energy into positive pursuits my friends.

January is Nationan Break-Up Month
Lisa Daily asserts that January is National Break-up Month in her new article published in the General Forum on SYBD. You need to be a member to view the forums, but don't worry it's FREE!

Actually I am inclined to believe it because January is easily one of my busiest months here @ SYBD. Clearly holiday stress just makes people edgy.

December saw the launch of a new and fabulous free newspaper in Glasgow called the Tribune. I say fabulous because there was a very nice (albeit super cheesy) feature on yours truly on page 15. :) As soon as I get time, I'll ad it to the press page - including the snazzy wee photo.

"The new issue of Single Living magazine will be complete next week" says Mike Halson of Single living. So watch this space.

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