Sunday, November 13, 2005

Still Writing

Still taking part in National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO). The GOAL is to do fifty thousand words in the month of November. Today is day 13 and I've done over 35k. I should assign NANOWRIMO work to all ailing members next year. It's sure a great way to channel all that heartbreak into one positive place, and the end of it they'll have written a novel! Much more productive than pining for some clueless idiot who doesn't want to be in your life....

I am still wondering if I know anyone who knows Cameron Crowe. I bet he could make this novel into an amazing film...If you know Cameron, do get in touch, ok? Meanwhile I'll keep writing. It's cathartic. Ha!

Well better get back to writing. I was actually hoping to reach the 50k target by tomorrow night. That's looking unlikely. Still, I am not doing too bad. 40k wouldn't be that far off it. I think I can manage that in 24 hours.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

November Update - 1

A few hundred new people are logging onto SYBD each month. It's been pretty manic on the forums with people coming and going so often I can't keep up with their stories anymore. Thankfully I've appointed some good moderators to help out a bit. Three big cheers for them.

XMAS PARTIES - *(semi-cancelled)*
Due to unforseen circumstances - I will not be having the annual Xmas party though members are perfectly within their right to party without me. Glasgow may very well have an impromptu night out for drinks but that's about it.

I hope that our Canadian members had nice Thanksgivings and may my fellow Americans all have wonderful Thanksgivings. I am looking forward to mine - pass the Pumpkin Pie!

Meanwhile...I am busy taking part in NaNoWriMo this year. It's my first time. That stands for National Novel Writing Month. It's only day three and I am more than 16,000 words out of my 50,000 target. Yay me. It's loosely based on my own experience and the success of anyone who's ever been mean to me - LOOK OUT!

Success is the greatest form of revenge. The story is sort of Bridget Jones Meets Jerry Maguire in Elizabethtown. Hoping to get Cameron Crowe to direct.

In addition to running SYBD, doing radio six nights a week, and writing my first novel, I am also hoping to launch a new business before the end of the year (if not the end of the month). I am trying to lead my members by example rather than by advice these days...My motto is: "busy is good". No time to dwell on bloody exes when you're busy living your life instead of sitting around griping about it. Take action...the universe will reward you!

Besides, as my lovely friends always tell me, my life is never boring...and they're so right.

Cya, Thea :)

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