Monday, October 10, 2005

October 2005 Update

://: S Y B D X M A S P A R T I E S ://:
OK so we are planning some Xmas parties. One will take place in London round about December 3. The other will take place in Glasgow a week later. These dates may be swapped. If anyone is in Northern California for Turkey Day - I may be out that way and I'd love to meet up!

://: R A D I O S C O T L A N D ://:
I recently contributed to BBC Scotland's morning show with Fred McC. I specifically was on to talk about Blind Dating. The link for that show will no doubt be long gone but notes on the subject will be found from Single Living once Mike posts the notes. Watch this space.

://: Q 9 6 - A F T E R D A R K ://:
My own radio show is streaming nightly from 10pm (GMT) Sunday to Friday at Slowly the music is getting better for this 'love songs' themed show.

://: U P D A T E S ://:
We are constantly seeing members coming back to report such great progress - new jobs, new cities, new relationships and starting families! If you have an update for me - please post it today.

://: T E L L I N G S T O R I E S & M A K I N G M O N E Y!! ://:
Every day some journalist or researcher phones or emails me asking for stories. Many of these people will pay excellent money for your story too. The catch is 1) you need to be in the UK to benefit. 2) You need to be willing to supply photograps or be photographed. 3) You must have a very compelling story. But if you meet that criteria - speak to me...Might be able to make you a few hundred pounds if your story is worthy - or as much as a grand if it's a real Christmas Cracker! Get in touch.

So hope to see you in London or Glasgow in December.

Best from Camp Dumped.

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