Sunday, September 04, 2005

September Update!

Hey long time no update from Miss Thea, huh? Sorry about that! I've been without an internet connection at home for the past month which has made updating the site and the blog impossible - or at least 'challenging'. There have been so many great updates too. I need time to sit and write them all out. Some members are having huge career success, some have moved house, some are travelling the world and so many other big and small victories to report. It's all very exciting to see turn pain into gain! If you have done something worth mentioning add your update in the General Forum or to the thread in Good News.

The Big Screen

Good News! I believe I will be on Watchdog this Tuesday night on BBC1 from 7pm. I went on to discuss how my phone and internet service was HIJACKED by an inept ISP company called Bulldog. This has been a total nightmare and cost me a fortune.

Streaming Thea!

I've heard through the grapevine that the radio station I work for Q96 is going to be streaming live soon. That means all you lovely people can tune in from around the world and you can email in your requests. It'd be great to get some cybermail from further afield! I'll keep you posted. Now, speaking of radio shows, I have to go finish preparing my show for tonight.

Will update the blog again with some of the member's achievements as soon as my DSL is turned back on.

All the best,

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