Monday, July 04, 2005


Well it's our birthday. This site is five years young. Over the years I've seen some of the most amazing transformations. People from all walks of life have logged on to make it through their ordeal and to help their fellow community members through theirs. I want to thank each and every one who has contributed to SYBD in big and small ways.

I am pleased to report that a former member lerriuqs got married last month! Not only that, she'd lost loads of weight to fit into that beautiful dress she'd chosen. I want to wish her every happiness in the future.

Another memeber is currently filming a feature film right now in her native country. While a different member's offspring is on location in America filming with people like Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McCnaughey. This rising star will also be playing opposite Adrian Brody in an upcoming feature film! It's all good.

Some of the lovely men on SYBD have reported to buying cars, changing jobs, finding new loves and gone back to university -- to name just a few things. Read the men's thread here.

If you've done something worth mentioning - get in touch - or post it in the GOOD NEWS forum.

We love to hear people blow their own trumpets!

Hoping you find ways to turn that pain into gain.

Best wishes,

The Big Cheese.

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